Half Term Activities

Looking for something that will keep the kids busy this half term? Here you’ll find a range of fun and artistic activities that will get their creative juices flowing whilst keeping them entertained for hours.

Activities are a great way for engaging your children, and not only do they provide them with hours of fun, they are also great for building skills and cognitive development.

From Hirameki draw what you see for the slightly older crafter, to 3D colouring for the younger crafters, there’s tons of inspiration to keep the kids of all ages entertained and that won’t bust the bank balance.

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Paste it, Place it, Stick it and Varnish it with Decopatch
With just a dab of a glue, and a bit of creativity, go wild decorating your board ornaments, animals, and trinkets.
Colouring Books
Create a Colourful Journey to Discovery
Lose yourself in the fabulous world of Wonderland or the classic tale of the Jungle Book with these new and exciting colouring books, perfect for all ages.
Gruffalo Activity Book
Join the Gruffalo for Fun and Games
This fabulous activity book is full of roaring Gruffalo puzzles and creative fun including colouring, games, spot the difference and more!
DC Comic Colouring Packs
Bring Your Superhero to Life
These DC Comic Character Colouring Packs are great fun for kids that may be fans of Batman, Spiderman, or Marvel Superheroes.

Recommended Products for these Activities

Stabilo 3D Colouring App
Stabilo 3D Colouring App Blog
Every child loves using their favourite colouring pencils and adding their unique touch to their favourite characters. Find out how your child can watch their coloured-in characters come to life with only a touch of a button here.
}}">Read our Blog on the Stabilo 3D Colouring App here.
Stabilo Downloadable Colouring Sheets
Colour me in, and Watch me Come Alive!
Download the app to your device, print a sheet, colour it in and watch as the character magically comes to life on the screen.
Download the colouring sheets - Choose from: Astronaut, Cat, Cheerleader, Dinosaur, Girl 1, Girl 2, Princess, Sand Boy
Go Wild with Dot-to-Dot
Kids love dot-to-dot, and our range of downloadable animal dot-to-dot colouring sheets are perfect for keeping the kids entertained.
Entry Level Dot-to-Dot (Butterfly) and More Advanced Dot-to-Dot (Cat)
Ryman Art Sets
Draw, Sketch or Paint
If you love drawing, sketching or painting, our wide range of art sets are a must for any masterpiece.
Face Paints
Enter the World of Make Believe
Whether your kids wants to dress up as a tiny tiger terror, a fearless pirate, or a roaring lion, their imagination can run totally wild with our selection of water-based face paints.
Everything You Need to Unleash Kids’ Imaginations
Let your little ones dive into the world and creativity with our wide range of Crayola colouring pens, pencils, markers and more, designed for those crafty little fingers.
Unlock Your Imagination and Draw What You See
By simply adding a few dots and lines, you’ll be able to transform a random blot into something amazing.
Also check out our Hirameki Blog and watch out for the moving images!
Re-shape, Squeeze, Cut and Mould into Your Dream Princess or Pony
With just a dab of water, Playmias Mosaics are great for generating creativity and helps little ones create amazing things.