5 Easy Ways to have Neat Handwriting
June 21, 2019

Have you ever envied a friends handwriting or just want to improve your own? We live in an age of phones, laptops and devices meaning we sometimes have no need for good old fashioned pen and paper. Yet still the beauty of a handwritten letter, postcard or greeting card is something we all enjoy giving and receiving.

Here are 5 top tips for making your handwriting neater and transforming your scrawl into a flowing masterpiece…

#1 Instruments at the ready…Choose a pen

Deciding on the right pen is the most important choice you can make as it will definitely effect your handwriting in various ways. Experiment with different types of pen and see which works best for you.

For larger budgets a quality Fountain pen creates a sumptuous look across the page as the nib allows for a faster flow of ink.


Ball point pens and Rollerball pens use ball ink delivery systems and are usually much kinder to the purse. If you want bright vivid colours to style your handwriting further then Gel ink.

pens give a gorgeous smooth feel in a huge range of colours – even including glitter for the more flamboyant among us.

#2 Slow down!

Take your time and don’t try and keep up with the thoughts in your brain. Often our minds race ahead and expect our hand to keep up – the result? Sloppy, illegible handwriting that could easily be bested by a 7-year-old. Encourage yourself to go slow, thinking about each word formation as you go.

#3 Copy a style you love

If a certain style of handwriting catches your eye, imitate it. You will soon find that elements of the writing you love will find its way into your own style permanently.

#4 Ooodles of doodles

Put pen to paper and let it flow. Pictures, patterns or just indefinable scribbles…Relaxing and enjoying using a pen increases confidence and dexterity in turn creating neater handwriting. Why not treat yourself to a notebook .

and always have paper handy…

#5 Challenge yourself

Practice, practice and more practice. Challenge your new found skills and create wedding invitations, birthday cards and invitations, Christmas cards and more – proud in the knowledge your handwriting is spectacular!