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5 things to do with a Cricut™ Cutting Machine

5 things to do with a Cricut™ Cutting Machine

Make it. With a little Cricut™.

Whether you’re a new or experienced maker, with Cricut smart cutting machines and apps, you can make DIY magic happen anywhere.

Depending on the model, Cricut machines can cut, draw, score and much more. Plus, they work with up to 300 materials, so the project-making opportunities are endless.

Perfect projects in three steps:

1) Design: Create a design from scratch, or select from thousands of images, fonts and ready-made projects in Cricut’s design software, Design Space™

2) Cut, Draw and Embellish: Load your material and tools into your machine and press go. The machine will handle the rest

3)Admire: Pull together the finishing touches.

Make more than you can imagine.

From paper crafts, vinyl and iron-ons, to wooden wall art and detailed leatherwork, there’s a project for every occasion. Here are five of our favourites:

Create your perfect home office setup

Celebrate the milestones 

Spend time crafting with kids

Add some personality to your home

Get school-ready 

The only question left is, which machine is for you?

Check out our Cricut buying guide to find out which is the right machine for you.