Our Top Home Organisation Tips for a Tidy Space
January 06, 2022

Keeping your home completely clutter free can be a difficult task- especially when pets and little ones are involved! Toys being strewn on the floor isn’t an uncommon sight. However, you don’t want to grow accustomed to the clutter. It’ll become harder to find the important things you need, and you don’t want to trip over a rogue teddy bear. Not only that, living in a cluttered home will start to negatively affect your mood over time. The last thing you want after a long day is to get home to a big mess. 

The key to good home organisation is keeping on top of things, and everything having its own space. Categorising items, and even creating subcategories if you want to go that far, will make it considerably easier to tidy, and create a lot more space in your home. At Ryman, you can get all of your home storage solutions in one place, and we’re going to help you get started with the organising!

How to Organise Your Home Office

Three storage baskets in various sizes are sat on two shelves next to plants and books in a home office.Three storage baskets in various sizes are sat on two shelves next to plants and books in a home office.

Having a clutter free home office is key to staying productive. You can’t come up with your best ideas surrounded by loose pieces of paper and pencil shavings.

If you don’t organise your documents correctly, you’re only going to give yourself stress later when you can’t find something you need. Not only that, documents containing sensitive information need to be filed and secured correctly. You don’t want them to go missing! To prevent papers being scattered, keep them organised in folders. We would also recommend labelling these folders so you know exactly what is in them. This is easily done with a label machine.

For those of you with folders upon folders of documents, you’ll want to get some storage for them. If you need to access these documents regularly, then a filing cabinet may be the best option. These are especially useful to anyone who needs to keep sensitive documents secure, as many of the filing cabinets we have available are lockable.

If you don’t need to access your folders regularly, then you can keep them all organised in a storage box. Stackable storage boxes are useful to keep your documents organised and out of your way. It’s handy to label the boxes too, so you don’t spend hours rummaging through all the folders to find the one you need.

Bonus tip: Organise your folders alphabetically. It’s a simple system to implement and will ensure you can find your documents quickly.

Tips for Organising Your Child’s Bedroom

A storage basket full of children's items such as sunglasses, socks and flip flops is lay on the floor.A storage basket full of children's items such as sunglasses, socks and flip flops is lay on the floor.

There is an age where children grow to realise having clutter and toys all over the floor isn’t a great idea. Until then, keeping things organised will fall to you, the parent.

We know how imaginative kids are, and this wild imagination often means all of their toys have to be out at once to fill the world they’ve created. Suddenly, a new game begins and all of those toys? You guessed it, they’re left on the floor for you to tidy. 

One of the best ways to make tidying your child’s bedroom easy, is to assign a space for everything. Underbed storage is great for large or bulky toys that aren’t easily slotted into closet spaces. For smaller toys, or toys that your child plays with frequently, why not get some storage baskets? They’re perfect for little toys, colouring books and pencils. Small storage baskets like the SmartStore Recycled Storage Basket (£3.99) will fit nicely in cupboards and on shelves to make sure everything stays clutter free.

 Keeping these storage baskets labeled will be helpful for you, and your little one too. If you can show them where their toys need to go, they may be able to help you more and put their own toys away. If your child is still learning to read, you can always label the boxes using pictures.

How to Organise Your Medicines at Home

Medicines are something you definitely want to keep organised. You need to make sure you can find your painkillers when you need them! Making sure your medicines are organised will help you keep track of what you’re running low on, and keep tabs on anything that may be close to expiring. It’s also important to keep everything organised and secure to stop little ones from finding things they shouldn’t have.

Keeping your medicine in a secure box such as a Really Useful Box is a great as they have clip lock handles. It’ll give you peace of mind knowing your children don’t have easy access to your tablets! 

It may also be handy to have separate medication boxes for adults, children and pets. You don’t want to get those mixed up.

Kitchen Organisation Hacks

Someone holding a Dymo label maker while stood infront of shelving with labeled jars on it.Someone holding a Dymo label maker while stood infront of shelving with labeled jars on it.
Photo Credit: @stylingmyhouse_ on Instagram

It’s extremely important to keep your kitchen organised. It looks neater, and prevents you from having packets of expired food squashed to the back of your cupboards.

To keep things neat and tidy, we would recommend putting food such as pasta, oats, and flour in glass jars. That way, you can clearly see how much food you have left and won’t end up needlessly buying additional packets of things you already have. Make sure you label your jars using a label machine. The Dymo Embosser Omega (£19.99) is perfect for this. You don’t want to mix up your plain flour with your self-raising flour.

If you have multiple jars of the same product, make sure to label them with an expiry date. Bring the jars with the earliest expiry date to the front of your cupboard. That way you won’t be wasting food.

How to Organise Jewellery at Home

There’s nothing worse than looking for a necklace you want to wear only to find it completely tangled up with other pieces of jewellery. This can be easily prevented with proper jewellery organisation.

Where possible, it’s best to allocate your jewellery to a certain drawer, and invest in some draw organisers like the Curver Infinity Organiser Set (£9.99). This will enable you to categorise your jewellery and keep your necklaces, rings and bracelets separate. 

For your most precious pieces, we would highly recommend keeping them in a secure place. Having a safe for your jewellery adds an extra layer of protection should the worst happen.

There are many ways to keep on top of your home organisation, the key is finding what works best for you. Having a clean and tidy home will have a positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing, so it’s important to spend a day organising, even if you don’t want to! You can find all of our storage solutions on our website .

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