8 Tips for Starting a New Job
September 04, 2017

Starting a new job? Congratulations! We know how exciting getting that YES can be. But it can also be an intimidating time as well, unknown office layouts (getting lost in a warren of corridors), strange faces and daily routines loom ahead of you.

The relief of bagging your new role can quickly be consumed by new job jitters. Whether it’s your first proper job or a new job after a long stint with one company it’s all pretty nerve wracking. Those first days and weeks will be make or break when it comes to navigating office dynamics and business jargon.

Imagine the excitement of dipping your toe into the corporate world for the first time, eager to learn fast so you can seamlessly morph into that mystical professional, rushing through the office, touching base off-line while indulging in a bit of blue sky thinking over a vending machine coffee…

When starting your new job being productive and successful is probably top of your list but don’t underestimate the importance of forging some solid relationships with colleagues as well.

To help you along the way we have come up with 8 top tips to ensure you make a great first impression and stay as productive and organised as possible while you settle into your new role.

#1 Tidy Desk = Tidy Mind

“For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned” Benjamin Franklin

A tidy and organised workspace tells colleagues that you are conscientious and somewhat disciplined. Gone is the reign of the messy office slob, paper stacked from the floor to the desk, dirty mugs growing new life forms strategically hidden behind monitors and Post-it notes littering every hard surface including walls and colleagues …

Become a breath of freshly conditioned office air and use files and letter trays to sort those loose papers and ensure you have what you need to hand if asked.

Clean out used mugs and dishes and return to your drawers after use. If you really want to impress, colour code folders into an organised system and be sure to display a few relevant books or magazines to spark colleague’s interest.

Don’t forget your basic desk accessories such as a pen pot and desk tidy to keep stationery organised. If you really want to go the extra mile with your workspace why not bring in a plant, looks homey (added oxygen benefits) or an orchid which screams sophistication.

#2 Notebook and Pen

The first rule of office club – you do not go anywhere without your notebook. A one to one with your manager, introduction to other team members, stroll to the vending machines - ANYWHERE.

Be prepared at all times so you can jot down questions and answers as they come up, allowing you to absorb the information overload that comes hand in hand with starting a new job.

When choosing your notebook think ultimate professional and choose a dark coloured cover with quality paper (we love the Ryman Softcover Range ) so that you can write on both sides without bleeding through.

Your pen says a lot about you as well; steer clear of chewed biro and instead opt for a classier ballpoint such as a Parker Jotter in Stainless Steel.

#3 Desk Calendars are SO 1988

Rubbish! Starting a new job is enough to make anyone’s head spin so it’s inevitable something is going to slip through the net. Give yourself a fighting chance by combining old tools with new. Put reminders, appointments, meetings and important dates into your Outlook Calendar and then back them up analogue stylee with a Desk Planner . Mark down the fiscal week onto your calendar so that you can quote it fast if needed and keep in your line of sight.

#4 Highlight Your Talent

Highlighters are your friend, especially when you need to highlight key information or make a date stand out in your diary (use with your desk calendar to make a date pop!) Take into meetings and highlight important notes as well as using on your to-do list when a task is complete.

#5 A Post-it NEVER Forgets

Your memory may fail you (daily for some) but a bright coloured sticky note won’t. Write down everything that can’t be allowed to slip your mind, from calls taken to things to do.

Take this exciting opportunity to colour code your Post-it’s; Yellow – Phone Messages, Pink – things to-do, Green- reminders and so on!

#6 Introduce the Fam

Including a Photo of your spouse or children on your desk sends out plenty of positive messages, showing that you are a well rooted gal or guy aspiring for a great work life balance. It’s also a good ice-breaker as people will naturally comment on the photo as they visit your desk.

Don’t however use your desk divider as a pin board for displaying last year’s bikini shots or your grannies 80th shindig. Your desk shouldn’t mimic your social media and may ultimately lead to a less professional view of you as a person.

#7 Be Prepared

Your first day will include some basic admin to get you into the company system, ensuring you can be paid. Email your new employer a couple of days before you start to check which documents you will need. You should aim to have your passport, National Insurance card and a proof of your address (e.g. electricity bill) as well as a P45 if you have one.

#8 Ruin The Diet…

Last but by no means least are the not so subtle attempts you can make to win people over, bringing in homemade bakes, delicious treats and sweets for your fellow workers once you start to settle in.

Let’s face it, there are few who can resist the call of the office snack table and people love to nibble while they work. Ultimately, while attempting to buy your co-workers love you may be contributing to their poor health so don’t make it a habit!