Barbeque Buying Guide
March 19, 2020

What To Look For When Buying a BBQ

Buying a barbeque? This guide will help you choose the perfect BBQ for your space, the frequency of use and the number of people you will be cooking for. Make the most of outdoor living with our top tips for finding the perfect BBQ for you, whether you are cooking for your family in the garden or enjoying chargrilled burgers on a camping trip.

Space How much outdoor space do you have?
Size How many people will you be cooking for?
Frequency How often will you use the BBQ?
Budget How much do you have to spend?
Running Costs Consider coal or gas costs

How Much Outdoor Space Have You Got?

If you are limited on outdoor space and storage then opting for a smaller BBQ or vertical grill is recommended. Generally charcoal BBQs are smaller than their Gas counterparts and have the added bonus of being lighter and thus more portable; ideal for smaller gardens and patio areas. If however space and winter storage isn’t an issue then the large, heavier gas models are ideal.

What Size BBQ Do I Need?

Up to 4 People

Small or Vertical BBQ - Charcoal

Cooking Area up to 1800cm

Up to 6 People

Medium Sized BBQ - Gas

Cooking Area up to 2000cm

8 or More People

Large BBQ - Gas

Cooking Area up to 2500cm

How Often Will You Use the BBQ?

Regular Use

Invest in a decent model that will last you longer such as a gas barbeque or larger charcoal or smoking model.

Occasional Use

A charcoal barbeque or even a disposable may be a better option for you, especially if you are planning on camping or traveling with your barbeque.

Charcoal, Gas or Smoker?


✔   Cheaper than a gas BBQ

✔   Classic BBQ Flavours and mouth-watering flame grilled appearance

✔   Portable - great for camping or picnics

✔   Need to light approx. 40 minutes before cooking


✔   Easier to cook food safely and thoroughly

✔   Quick and convenient to cook on - start cooking straight away

✔   Easy to control the cooking temperature

✔   Generally a bigger size - ensures easier to cater for bigger numbers

✔   Gas can be more expensive than charcoal - 13kg bottle may last approximately 15 cooking hours


✔   Great for authentic smoky taste, smokers cook food for a longer period of time

✔   Vertical Smokers - easy to control cooking temperatures by adjusting grill plates

✔   Horizontal Smokers - larger cooking space, ideal for cooking more food

Barbecue Accessories

Barbeque Shelter

Don’t let your BBQ plans be hampered by a wet-weekend, with showers likely through much of the year in Britain, simply invest in a BBQ shelter to ensure that you can enjoy grilling and eating food outdoors come rain or shine!

Barbeque Side Table

Perfect for outdoor chefs, a handy side table gives you somewhere to put your uncooked & cooked food as well as BBQ utensils, sauces, bread and everything else you need for your barbie!

Cleaning and Storage

Can you Leave Your BBQ out through the winter?

To keep your BBQ in good working order you will need to store it in either a Garage or a Shed through the winter months or alternatively protect it with a well-fitting cover in bad weather.

Grill racks and grates touch the food that you eat and therefore should be cleaned with soapy water after each use. Ensure you fully dry them to prevent rust and prolong life.

Barbeque Safety

✔ Never leave Your Barbeque unattended and keep children and pets away.

✔ Position your Barbeque on a solid level surface away from combustibles such as trees and sheds and sheltered from the wind.

✔ Keep a bucket of water or sand nearby for emergencies.