The Best Printers for University Students
September 08, 2021

A big part of university life is writing essays. Once these essays have been written, they need to be printed and handed in. What do you need to print essays? A printer of course! At Ryman, we have the best printers for students. Whether you’re printing essays or photos, we’ll have something for you.

Do You Need a Printer At University?

Close up of white HP printer on a light wooden desk next to a silver laptop and a black desk lamp.Close up of white HP printer on a light wooden desk next to a silver laptop and a black desk lamp.

Most universities will have printers available for student use in their library. However, often it costs to print per page, and if you’re frequently printing 10-page essays, it can become expensive. Not only that, you can become stuck in a long queue of students all trying to print off their essays at the same time. Finding an available printer during deadline season is like finding gold. You can easily take away the stress of not having your work printed on time by investing in your own printer. We have put together a list of the best printers for students, so you’ll be sure to find the printer for you!

All-in-One Inkjet Printers

Canon PIXMA TS5352 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer in pinkCanon PIXMA TS5352 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer in pink

Inkjet printers are ideal for home use as they can print on a variety of different paper types. With the all-in-one printers, you can print, copy and scan all of your documents. There will be no need to visit the library to sort out your documents at all!

For those on a budget, the HP Deskjet 2710e Wireless Printer is a brilliant option. At £44.99, you can print in colour, scan and copy all your documents. Not only that, it’s wireless and super easy to set up. You can even print from your smartphone when you download the HP Smart app! This printer will do everything you need and more, for a very reasonable price.

The Canon PIXMA TS35352 Wireless Printer is ideal for those who want a pop of pink in their uni room. This printer will print essays, photos and print double-sided so you save paper! If you’re taking a more creative subject such as art or photography, we recommend the pink Canon PIXMA. Who doesn’t want an Instagram worthy printer that also makes sure their university work is printed on time? For £69.99, you can have the prettiest and most reliable printer at uni.

Laser Printers

HP printer on a light wooden desk with a grey folding desk lamp on the left.HP printer on a light wooden desk with a grey folding desk lamp on the left.

Laser printers are great for printing in high volumes, which can be useful if you have multiple essays due at the same time. 

The Brother HL-1212W Wireless Mono Printer is perfect for students who will exclusively be writing essays at university and writing a lot of them. This printer only prints in black and white but it prints 20 pages per minute. On top of that, it’s wireless and has low running costs. It’s got a higher price point than the previous printers at £99.99, however, you will save money on ink when purchasing this printer.

If you need a printer that prints in colour and prints it fast, look no further than the HP Colour Laser 150nw Wi-Fi Printer. With this printer, you can print from your smartphone and tablet. If you don’t have a network connection, don’t worry! You can still print everything you need by directly connecting your printer to your device. The HP Colour Laser 150nw delivers high-quality printing despite its small size. Its compact nature means it’ll easily fit into your university space! It has a higher price point of £189.99, but it is very economical when it comes to ink usage, and it will save you money in the long run.

Epson EcoTank

Close up of black Epson EcoTank printer, a colour document is being printed with it.Close up of black Epson EcoTank printer, a colour document is being printed with it.

The Epson EcoTank range of printers is the most environmentally friendly of all the printer options. They have higher price points than the previous options but the ink tanks are refillable, with no need for cartridges it massively reduces waste! 

Our first recommendation is the Epson EcoTank ET-M1100 Mono Printer. This durable printer only prints in black and white, meaning it will save you money when buying your ink refills. If you’re only printing word documents, black and white printing is all you’ll need. Not only that, but it reaches 15 pages per minute print speeds! There’s no need to worry if you’ve left your printing to the last minute. It’s got you covered. The mid-range price point of £129.99 is well worth it when you know you’ve got a One-Year or 100,000-page warranty on this printer. What are you waiting for?

If you need an eco-friendly printer that prints in colour, the Epson EcoTank ET-2710 Inkjet Printer is the one for you. This is a brilliant 3-in-1 printer that will print, scan and copy documents as well as reduce printing costs and allow for mobile printing. The refillable ink tank is easy to use and mess-free due to the special design of the ink bottles. You also get 72 cartridges worth of ink included, you’ll be set for your first lot of essays with this one!

If you’ve not found what you’re looking for here, check out our full guide to the best printers for everyday use!