Activities for Kids
Christmas Activities for Kids at Home

Christmas Activities for Kids at Home

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year for children. Seeing all the decorations, watching festive films, and most importantly waiting for Father Christmas. The weather however, is a bit unpredictable and playing outside is limited. Keeping children entertained over Christmas is easy, there are so many great activities to get involved with this time of year! We have a whole host of Christmas activities for kids at the ready, so you won’t have to worry about your little ones getting bored. Our full Christmas range can be seen here, but if you want to know more about the activities you can do, keep reading!

Keeping Children Entertained Over Christmas

A children's colouring book lies open with three felt tip pens lying across it. A fourth felt tip pen is being held by a Christmas elf toy.A children's colouring book lies open with three felt tip pens lying across it. A fourth felt tip pen is being held by a Christmas elf toy.

Sometimes, people think keeping children entertained over the Christmas period can be hard. The bad weather often rules out outdoor activities, so they can’t burn off their energy outside. They will also be bouncing off the walls with excitement knowing that Father Christmas will be coming soon. All of that plus everything parents need to get done before the big day. Finding fun and engaging Christmas activities for kids is an absolute must. Luckily for you, we have plenty!

Christmas Art Activities for Kids

Arts and crafts are a great way to keep kids entertained over Christmas. It’s a hands-on activity, and will allow them to use their imagination. 

One of the simplest Christmas crafts your kids can get involved with is paper chain making. You can really get your little ones in the spirit of Christmas, and keep them busy, making paper chains with the Design by Violet Kids Paper Chains (£1.29). This pack contains 36 paper chains in 4 different festive designs. Paper chains are easy to make and not very messy. All you need is a trusty Pritt Stick Pack of 3 (£3.49) and the paper chains! No scissors or paint required. Your children will have the house looking like a Santa’s Grotto in no time.

Speaking of Santa's Grottos, a really fun Christmas art activity to try is turning the Colour Me In Cardboard Playhouse (£19.99) into a Grotto or Elf Workshop! Turn the birds into robins and the butterflies into decorations, and with a sprinkle of imagination, your kids will have their very own Santa’s Grotto. Your little ones can use the Ryman Art Set (£19.99), which is packed full of paints, crayons and pencils to festively decorate their house. It’s sure to keep them busy this festive season. 

Why not try making simple Christmas cards with your children this year? Instead of opting for store bought cards, making your own is much more personal. With the help of the kids, you can guarantee that you’ll have completely unique Christmas cards. Using the Kids Craft Essentials Kit (£12.99), and a pack of Ryman Bright Felt Tip Pens (£1.99), your kids will be making Christmas cards for the whole family!

Christmas Printable Activities

A Ryman 92 piece art set is resting against a Christmas tree. Next to it is a Christmas elf toy and nutcracker.A Ryman 92 piece art set is resting against a Christmas tree. Next to it is a Christmas elf toy and nutcracker.

To make your life easier as a busy parent, we have created some brilliantly festive printable activities for your kids to get involved in. 

Colouring in is always so much fun, combine that with spot the difference and you’ve got a whole afternoon of fun. We have 6 festive spot the difference sheets that can be coloured in, on our Ryman Activity Club page. Stock up on gel pens, colouring pencils and felt tips now to make sure your little ones don’t run out!

If your kids are a bit more hands on, why not let them try making their own Christmas wreath and baubles? They are simple, easy to make, and you can find them on our Ryman Activity Club page. You can find all of the necessary arts and craft items here.

Make your Christmas photos memorable this year with our Christmas Props and Decorations cut outs. On these sheets you can find elf hats, reindeer antlers, Father Christmas beards and candy canes. Using Sellotape or glue, once the sections have been carefully cut out, create some really fun props or stick them up as decorations. You can download these sheets from our Ryman Activity Club

With all these Christmas activities to choose from, your little ones will be entertained all the way up to Christmas. While they’re pre-occupied, make sure you’re fully prepared for Christmas and browse our full Christmas range. If you’re in need of Christmas inspiration, follow us on Instagram!