Craft Ideas with Brother Label and Ribbon Printer
March 27, 2020

When it comes to creating gorgeous labels, superfast, we love the Brother Craft Label and Ribbon Printer (P-touch H200).

Let’s face it, labels can be used to create a home of organised bliss. Use these sticky little miracles to organise your whole house, label everything – from the jars in your cupboards to boxes in your garage and everything in between (even the kids if they stand still for long enough!)

Labels aren’t just practical though, they can be really pretty and craft inspirational as well. Gone are the days where the only label available to us is a standard self-adhesive white rectangle. Now we can get creative by printing labels in all shapes, colours and sizes. Labels can even be customized with emoticons, frames and symbols (scream face!)

This clever Brother printer can also print on ribbon, a dream come true for avid scrapbookers and crafters everywhere. The sky’s the limit, well, your imagination actually. Print personalised ribbon to wrap up your gifts for that extra special touch or add ribbon to any number of craft projects.

So drag out your craft box and get stuck in… we literally can’t put our labeller down. Here are some ideas to get you started.

#1 Pretty Handmade Wedding Favours

Weddings can be expensive so if you are looking to save money then making your own wedding favours is a great place to start.

Collect standard jam jars or invest in some mason jars (you can find these reasonably cheap at most large discount retailers) and add your label either to the lid or around the neck of the jar with some rustic string or twine and fill with sweets, chocolate or popcorn.

After all, love is as sweet as you make it…

Label tape used below - Brother TZEMPSL31 P-Touch Label Tape Black on Silver Lace Patterns.

#2 Unique Invitations

Create bespoke and unique invitations using your Brother P-Touch. From birthday parties and celebrations to stag and hen invites and wedding invitations, your P-Touch can help you create gorgeous, formal invites.

Check out the easy to follow video from Brother showing you step by step, how to create personalised wedding invites using labels and ribbon.

We recommend the Brother TZER234 P-Touch Ribbon Label Tape Gold on White Fabric for this!

#3 Embellishing Greetings Cards

Create gorgeous cards for birthdays, Christmas, to say thank you and much more. Handmade cards make the recipient feel really special, but if time is precious, using your label printer can be a quick and easy way to create cards Hallmark would be proud of.

Mix and match tapes and ribbons to create unique and eye-catching designs. If card making is new to you, a top tip is to build up layers of different colours and textures of card as a backing for your tapes. You can decorate your card with anything pretty you may have lying around such as an unusual button or cut-outs from cards that have been sent to you in the past (upcycling at its best!)

Don’t forget your blank cards before you start.....

#4 Cake Flags

Nail the annual bake sale this year by printing sweet little labels for your cupcakes and brownies on coloured label tapes. Simply wrap around a cocktail stick or straw for instant DIY cupcake toppers.

#5 Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

Scrapbooking your memories and photos is something that is not only great fun to do now, but is also really great to look back on in years to come. Scrapbooks make pretty cool gifts as well, imagine Nanna’s face when you present her with a scrapbook of the kids through the year.

A scrapbook of holiday memories, special birthdays or your children's ‘works of art’, whatever you want to preserve or present, use your P-Touch to create clear to read, fun labels.

#6 Gift Tags and Cards

A must have at Christmas, the P-Touch can be used to print your family’s names and prevent the dreaded hand cramp/claw that comes with hours at the kitchen table, writing out tags and cards! Use those saved hours, relaxing with a festive drink… or preparing your Christmas preserves, leading us nicely to jam jars.

#7 Jar or Bottle Labels

If you are an avid jam and chutney maker, why not create some professional looking labels using your P-Touch. Perfect for labelling your prize Lemon Curd for the village fair or even your punchy home brewed ales!

#8 Clothes Labels

If you make your own textiles why not pop in a label using the printed ribbon? Perfect for printing and sewing into the seam, you can label the clothes with your own brand. Alternatively opt for sewing names into your kid’s school uniforms and P.E Kits, they will love the cute emoji you add to their name.

#9 Labels to Organise Your Whole Life!

Finally, once all label and ribbon related crafts have been exhausted, why not treat yourself to a full labelling sesh - label your craft kits, sewing kits and stationery? Why stop there… there’s the rest of the house to be cracking on with.