DIY Christmas How to Make Your Own Christmas Tree Angel
October 27, 2016

If you are looking for the perfect homemade decoration for your Christmas tree then look no further! Follow our step by step instructions and create your very own Angel using just a piece of paper and a few crafting essentials.

Children and grownups alike will love sitting down together and making Paper Angels, simple and easy enough to make that they will have created a whole Choir before the day's out!

All you need for this cheap and cheerful Christmas craft is paper, scissors, pipe cleaners, PVA glue and a Pom Pom!

Step 1

Fold a sheet of A4 paper into quarters, 1 sheet will make 2 angels. Cut the 4 parts out and use two for each angel.

Step 2

Accordion pleat the first half and use this as the wings. Younger children may need a bit of help with this at first but they will soon get the hang of it!

Step 3

Cut the second half in two and accordion pleat both of these. Placing the longer half horizontally, stick the shorter half vertically with Ryman Kids Craft PVA glue to the bottom to make the wings and dress.

Have fun fanning the folded paper back out into a beautiful Angel shape!

Step 4

The Pom Pom will be the head of your Angel, stick this to the top of the wings using your PVA glue. Then, using a pipe cleaner, make a loop at the end (this will be your Angels halo) and fold the rest around the neck of your Angel like a scarf.

Finished! Decorate your tree with these festive Angels, arrange them in the centre of your Christmas table or alternatively attach them to festive twine to make a great fireplace decoration the kids will love!

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