Everything You Need to Know about Buying an Electric Bike
January 09, 2020

Electric bikes, or ‘e-bikes’, are becoming increasingly popular all across the UK. The e-bike combines the traditional bike with an integrated electric motor and battery which improves your pedal power, relieving the impact on your knees and thighs.

Ultimately, electric bikes make pedalling easier and cycling more enjoyable. So whether you’re wanting to shorten your morning commute, improve your fitness, or do your bit for the environment – the e-bike could be perfect for you. We’ve put together the essential information you’ll need to know to find the best electric bike for you.

Who are they best for?

Electric bikes are for anyone looking to get from A to B quickly, cheaply and easily. They make cycling more inclusive, helping beginners to gain confidence and keen cyclists to take on more exciting challenges. They’re particularly best for:

Commuting to work

Forget the morning sweat and fatigue of traditional bikes as riding an e-bike makes cycling to work a breeze. Many commuters have swapped their traditional bikes with electric to save lots of time and effort, and enter the office feeling ready for the day ahead. The electric motor alleviates the need for your pedal power so that you don’t need to pack a change of clothes or have a shower once you arrive. This way, you can keep your fitness in check outside of office hours by establishing a low-effort routine.

A recent Norwegian study found e-bikes to be 21% faster than regular bikes. They can build up speed quickly, shortening your commute to work and therefore saving precious minutes in the morning. This is especially beneficial in busy cities where traffic jams and roadworks make travelling by car incredibly stressful.

Enjoyable exercise

The same study found that e-bike riders could become generally fitter than regular cyclists due to travelling long distances and cycling more often. Electric bikes are great for both sides of the spectrum when it comes to fitness. For those who don’t have the strength and stamina needed for a traditional bike, e-bikes allow for a low-impact, leisurely ride, so they can get out and enjoy exercising again. For others aiming to push their limits this year, the electric motor makes long distances and tougher inclines much more manageable.

The perfect city bike

E-bikes are already in high demand in cycling cities all across Europe for their speed and convenience in fast-paced environments. For urban dwellers, driving around cities can be frustrating. And with cycle routes constantly improving, more and more cities are seeing an increased number of cyclists. Having an electric bike is a fantastic way of getting around quickly and cheaply while reducing your carbon footprint. You can also carry heavier loads compared to traditional bikes, allowing you to run daily errands without needing a car.

Electric bikes and UK Law – what you need to know

In the UK, anyone over the age of fourteen can legally ride an e-bike on roads and cycle paths as long as the motor doesn’t operate once you’re travelling over 15.5mph (25km/h), and has a maximum power output of 250 watts. And just like traditional bikes, UK Law doesn’t require a licence, insurance, tax or helmet. Ryman’s range of electric bikes all comply with UK Law, so you can start riding straight away.

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