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The Ultimate Exam Stationery Checklist

The Ultimate Exam Stationery Checklist

Get exam ready with the ultimate stationery checklist from Ryman!

Spring is nearly over and summer is rolling in, it’s almost time to break out the suncream and start sunbathing in the garden. But first- exam season. The time of year that students look longingly out of the window in the sunshine while revising for their next subject. Long hours of revision will be worth it in the end. To make life a little easier, it’s important to be prepared for both revision and exams. Having all of your exam stationery prepared will take away some of the exam stress, and make it more enjoyable if you grab fun stationery to use! We’ve pulled together the ultimate exam stationery checklist for you, all you need to do is add the items to your basket.

Exam Stationery: Things to Consider

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” is a quote you will certainly have heard before, and it’s true! You can never be too prepared. Making sure you have the essentials covered before you head into your exams will help you on the road to success.

Exam halls can be strict when it comes to items that are allowed in and out, so don’t make the mistake of bringing in a blue ink pen instead of a black one! Thoroughly check your water bottles too as any items with labels will be confiscated in case they contain a few sneaky hints to help you in your exams. Keep your phone at home too, as digital devices are not permitted in exam halls.

Food isn’t permitted in exam halls either so make sure you don’t go in hungry! You should try and eat a good meal before your exams as that can help concentration.

The Must-Have Exam Stationery

Choosing your exam stationery, and choosing it early, will make prepping for it considerably easier. Not only do you want to have the essentials, you’ll want to have spares too! We’ve noted down the must-have items to add to your shopping list:

1) Ballpoint Pen
Most exam papers need to be written in black ink so you’ll want to make sure you have one handy. It wouldn’t do any harm to have a few spares either. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of an exam paper when your pen runs out of ink! We recommend grabbing a pack of BiC Cristal Original Ballpoint Pens so you’ve got plenty ready.

2) Highlighters
They’re excellent for highlighting key pieces of information in exam questions so make sure you don’t forget them. Having a pack of STABILO BOSS Pastel Highlighters with you might help gain a few extra marks.

3) Pencil 
For all the working out you’re going to do, you’ll need a pencil! You’ll want a pack of Ryman Kraft Pencils with you just in case one breaks during an exam. Taking the time to sharpen a pencil shaves off precious exam time.

4) Ruler
You never know when you might need to draw a diagram, especially in a maths test. Diagrams and graphs need to be accurate and to ensure you get those marks for accuracy, you need a ruler!

5) Transparent Pencil Case
Opaque pencil cases aren’t allowed into exams, but transparent ones are and you’re going to need one to keep all of your exam stationery together. The Clear Oil Slick Zip Flat Pencil Case is perfect and adheres to exam hall requirements.

It’s important to have the essentials packed and ready to go before your exams, plus spares! You’ll be more focused on exam day knowing you have everything you need right there with you. All of our stationery can be found on our website to get you exam ready.

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