Festival Essentials Checklist
June 16, 2016

Festival season is upon us, but before you arrive in your field of dreams have a read of our Festival Essentials Checklist to ensure you have everything you need.

#1 Battery Life

One of the big issues you will face while at Festivals is your battery life. From your phone to your camera and torch make sure you arrive prepared.

Invest in a Power Bank if you haven’t already to charge your device and make sure you go armed with plenty of AA and AAA batteries for cameras, torches and anything else that requires juice!

#2 Treking Across The Field

When you’ve arrived at the festival the first priority is finding a great spot to set up camp.

The distance between you and that space could be considerable and you will have all of your gear to carry. The solution?

A sledge. It doesn’t take up valuable space in the car and is perfect for loading up with beer (double check if your festival allows you to take your own alcohol), camping stuff and bags. This beauty will glide across the field (muddy or dry) allowing you to gratefully find the perfect spot with your back still intact.

#3 Camp is your Castle

Making a temporary home in a field can be a fun and relatively cheap experience. A pop up tent for 2, camping chair, sleeping bag and torch are your ‘cannot live without’ essentials. Those and toilet roll.

Once you have a basic set up the rest can be as easy or complicated as you like! Camping stoves, tins of goodies to cook, plates and cutlery and (wait for it) posh campers may even take a blow up mattress as well – luxury.

It’s a good idea to pitch your tent in your garden before you go to prevent any ‘embarrassing’ malfunctions and make sure once there you pitch it on a nice flat piece of ground.

#4 Other Festival Essentials

While you soak up the Festival atmosphere and have the time of your life you will make memories to last forever.

Before you go, check our Festival Essentials list to make sure you have everything covered;

If Your Names Not Down…

Please don’t forget your Festival Ticket!

Like a Pig in…

Pack a few plastic bags for dirty mud and rain soaked clothes.

Never fake it…

Always take photo ID if you are over 18 and plan on drinking alcohol and don’t forget a holder to protect ID (and any cash) from the elements.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate…

Take enough bottles of water to last you your stay. It will be cheaper buying them before you go, and remember to keep drinking (water obviously!) especially when it’s hot!

A Selfie A Day…

What better way to capture the moment with you and your mates enjoying the time of your lives than a Selfie Stick!