Free Things To Do In The School Holidays
July 19, 2019

If you’re a parent you might get tired of hearing “I’m bored” in the school holidays. It’s difficult enough to plan activities that fill the 6 long weeks of summer break, nevermind planning activities on a budget. But there are some free school holiday activities that you can do with your little ones to keep them entertained all summer long!

So, to help you and your children survive summer 2019 and have fun at the same time, here are 5 free things to do in the school holidays that are completely free!

Or is it? Armed with some ideas, a bit of preparation a bit of creativity, you will get that cup of tea yet. Don't worry, we've got you this Summer. Our brilliant guide has over 63 ideas to keep your kids entertained during the school holidays and we promise, there are activities and ideas to suit all ages, interests, budgets and the amount of precious time available.

Free Workshops

Did you know that some big shops offer free workshops for kids in the summer holidays?

Lego stores have building sessions on the first Thursday of every month. Pets At Home run animal activities school holidays. And Apple has set up free workshops at their stores to introduce children to coding and editing. Apple’s sessions run over 3 days and tend to get full quickly, so Register Here. in June/July 2019 for spaces in August 2019.

Make Boredom Sticks

At the start of the holidays, grab some lollipop sticks & write an activity, a task, or a forfeit on each one.

Then every time your kids are telling you they’re bored, tell them to pick a boredom stick. The rules are simple: whatever the stick says goes! Here are some ideas that we have ready for the 2019 summer holidays:

talk like a pirate, find a box & make it into a box for your teddies; design a t-shirt; call grandma; empty the dishwasher to earn £1; go to the bookshelf, grab the 8th book from the left, turn to page 4 and draw whatever is on it.

Remember that you might have to set limits - some sticks might need supervision, or money to spend when these aren't available so set some ground rules before they pick the stick so they know what to expect.

Kindness Rocks

This cute game of hide and seek is a craze that’s sweeping the nation - kids and adults alike. Go out into your garden or the park to pick your own rock each. Then customise it with your own design, using pens or paints. Each of you takes turns to hide their rocks. If and when the rock is found, it should be rehidden so the game goes on. To add a bit more fun to the game, each time a rock is found, take a photo of it to 'log' on the local Kindness Rocks social media page.

Pick Your Own Fruit

We’re always trying to get our kids to eat more fruit and vegetables, so what better way to encourage them than to pick your own.

You don’t have to pay to go to a farm for fruit picking. You can actually pick berries and fruits from hedges and trees for your own use. UK law states that you can pick wild fruit and vegetables as long as you aren’t selling them for profit. August 2019 is a great time to go foraging for blackberries. Just make sure you know what you are picking and wash them thoroughly before eating!


Now you’ve picked your own fruit, why not use it to bake with? Try sandwiching strawberries in between two Victoria sponge cakes, or adding blackberries on top of pancakes

Try visiting the BBC for a great range of kid-friendly recipes. .

So there you have it. This year’s summer holidays don’t have to be expensive or boring or hard! These 5 free things to do in the school holidays will keep your little ones entertained without hurting your wallet.

If you’re looking for even more things to do in the school holidays, try our cheap outdoor activities perfect for keeping busy this summer!