Halloween Decorations  How to Make Your Own Spider Web
October 15, 2021

With Halloween just around the corner, we decided it was time to get both spooky and creative with some homemade Halloween decorations. You may not like spiders, but there’s no denying that they’re a Halloween stalwart and, what’s more, they look pretty great with the addition of glitter.

Follow our easy guide below to make your very own spider web Halloween decorations.

Step 1: Supplies

To make your very own Halloween spider webs all you need is: black card (£4.29), glue (£3.49) and glitter (£2.99).

Step 2: The Web

Draw the outline of a spider web with the glue. Layer the glue thickly, as you will be peeling this off the card when it dries. Draw the outline with a pencil first if you are worried about neatness.

Step 3: Glitter

Sprinkle your chosen colour of glitter over the glue and leave this to dry.

Step 4: The Spider

While you are waiting for your spider web to dry, draw a spider onto another piece of black card and cut this out

Step 5: Peel the web & Glue the Spider

By now, your spider web should be dry. Peel the glue web off the card and you will have your glitter spider web. Then add the finishing touch by gluing your spider onto the web. And voila! You have your glittery spider web!

Top Tip: Use different coloured glitter to make several spider webs for a more colourful Halloween!


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