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The Home Décor Accessories to Transform Your Home

The Home Décor Accessories to Transform Your Home

A house truly starts to feel like a home once you’ve got all of your home décor in place. Sofas, tables, and chairs are key pieces of furniture that you do need, but the home décor accessories are what gives a room personality. You don’t want to live in a bland house, so grab some must-have home décor such as fairy-lights, candles, rugs, or clocks. They will really lift your room and start to make it feel a lot cosier. Having your own, well decorated, space is so good for your mental health. We’re going to help you incorporate the best home décor accessories into your home and completely transform it.

Contemporary Home Accessories to Modernise Your Home

A leather gingko mini book light is lying on a table.A leather gingko mini book light is lying on a table.

If you want to modernise your home in an easy way, contemporary home accessories are the way to go. They’re also perfect for anyone who is renting and unable to redecorate their space.


Changing the lighting in your home is an extremely simple way to change the way it looks, and change the atmosphere. Using a product such as the Gingko Smart Leather Mini Book Light (£32.99) will give your room a sophisticated feel, and it certainly will be a talking point. You don’t have to have basic lighting, why not try something a little different?

Going with a minimalist design is perfectly good too, and is very popular at the moment. An elegant example of contemporary minimalist home décor is the Wild and Wolf Wild Wood Gooseneck Desk Lamp (£20.00) It gives the impression that the owner is organised and prefers to keep things simple.

Wall Art

There’s nothing worse than having a large empty wall in your room. Adding in a piece of wall art is sure to make your room look less empty. This could be in the form of a poster, photos, or your favourite quote.

The Innova Maggiore Multi Peg Frame (£12.99) is a great way to display photos of your loved ones in your home. It’s got a simple and contemporary design that will instantly make your room look more interesting and feel a lot more lively.

If you want to feel more inspired, whether it’s in your home office or kitchen, why not put your favourite quote in the Ryman Personalised Mounted Frame (£14.99). Get yourself, and your guests, motivated when you’re at home!

Indoor Plants

Whether you have a green thumb or not, you should consider having plants in your home. Even artificial ones! Having more greenery in your home will lift your mood and make you feel more productive- so they’re great for home offices.

If you have a green thumb then grab a planter like the Interiors by PH Small Textured Planter (£46.99) and put your favourite plant in there. It’s a stylish option, and because it has legs you won’t have to worry about water soaking through the pot and onto the floor when you give your plants a drink!

Some of us don’t have green thumbs, no matter how hard we try we can’t seem to keep those plants alive. Artificial plants brighten up a room just as well as real ones do, and they don’t die! The Interiors by PH Faux Eucalyptus in Ceramic Pot (£29.99) is a brilliant option for anyone wanting a contemporary looking plant that won’t go limp in the corner because it hasn’t been watered for a week.

How to Style a Rug in any Space

A Charles Bentley Jute Runner Rug is placed in a hallway near a chair and table.A Charles Bentley Jute Runner Rug is placed in a hallway near a chair and table.

Rugs are perfect finishing touches to any room, and really tie all the other furniture together. There are many different kinds of rugs you can choose from too. If you’re wanting to make your hall feel a bit more cosy then a runner, like the Charles Bentley Natural Jute Runner Rug (£49.99), is the perfect choice. They are generally more hard-wearing than normal rugs due to them being in places with a lot of footfall. Decorating hallways can be hard so it’s definitely worth considering a rug!

Hard-wearing rugs are also perfect for places like kitchens or dining rooms. These areas tend to have heavy footfall too, and a lot of chairs scraping across the floor when being pulled out from under tables. In order to better protect your flooring, add in a rug like the Charles Bentley Outdoor Rug (£29.99). Not only will it make your room look more cohesive, you won’t have to cringe every time you hear a moving across the floor!

Cosy rugs are best kept for places like living rooms and bedrooms, but you could add one into your home office if you wanted! These rugs are best going in places you want to feel calm and comfortable, and won’t be standing all over it constantly.

The Best Home Office Accessories for a Productive Space

A bamboo coloured Gingko Smart Vase Light is sat on a coffee table next to some books in a living room.A bamboo coloured Gingko Smart Vase Light is sat on a coffee table next to some books in a living room.

Home décor can be functional and stylish which is absolutely what you want your home office to be. We spend 34 hours a week or more working, so it’s vital that you create a nice environment for yourself to work in.

Everyone needs a clock in their home office to keep track of time for meetings (and clocking off), so make sure you pick one that complements your other decor. The Acctim Earl Rose Gold Wall Clock (£14.99) is a great home office piece for you to include. Don’t completely rely on your phone or laptop for a clock, it’s good to take a break from them sometimes. 

Add some fun lighting in too with the Gingko Smart Vase Light (£54.99). This light is a great desk companion that you can also add a few flowers in! Not only will you be able to read at your desk better, you will incorporate a bit of greenery into your office too.

Speaking of greenery, it’s been well documented that having plants in your workspace is great for your mental health. They help you feel more positive, productive and less stressed. Even a faux plant can help boost your mood as we mentioned earlier, so consider placing an Artificial Palm Plant (£47.99) in your home office. It’ll quickly brighten up the room without you having to redecorate the walls and you don’t have to worry about watering it either. It’s great!

If you’re in need of more modern home office ideas, then have a look at this blog post to help you out!

The value of home décor accessories cannot be understated. They provide an easy way to refresh your home whether you’re renting or own your home. Make sure to carefully consider your home décor accessories before buying, you don’t want to fill your home with knick knacks just because you think you have to. These pieces should be chosen with care and make you feel happy.

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