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The Best Home Office Desks – Buying Guide

The Best Home Office Desks – Buying Guide

A desk is as important to your home office as a bed is to your bedroom. You can’t work without one. During the height of the pandemic, many of us looked to our kitchen counters and dining tables to help us get through the workday. Now working from home has become the norm, these just don’t make the cut. Plus, you need them for their primary purpose, you don’t want to be eating your dinner around your meeting notes. It’s time to invest in a more permanent solution. We at Ryman are determined to help you find the best home office desk to suit your needs.

How to Choose the Best Home Office Desk for You

There are so many different kinds of home office desk available, making sure you carefully consider your options before buying is key. You need to think about the size, functionality, and even the colour. Your home office desk is an investment piece and you need to make sure it completely suits your needs. Making sure your desk fits in with the rest of your home office is very important so we have a blog post dedicated to helping you design a modern home office.

A Rudyard Office Desk sits in a home office set up with a computer on the desk and books on the shelves.A Rudyard Office Desk sits in a home office set up with a computer on the desk and books on the shelves.

Is a Standing Desk Right for You?

Standing desks are exactly what you’d expect, they’re desks that you stand at while you work. Great for people looking to improve their posture, standing desks are part of the latest health craze. Known for reducing back pain and improving mood and energy levels, standing desks are definitely one to consider.

Appealing to health conscious individuals, standing desks can even be paired with a treadmill to take your work, and workout, to the next level. People that find themselves restless at a sitting desk may also want to consider a standing desk. Many find it easier to concentrate while using a standing desk.

If you want to dive deeper into standing desks, have a look at our blog post showing you all the benefits!

Large Office Desks are Perfect for Multiple Screens

For those who know their way around a spreadsheet, you might want to consider a large home office desk. Having multiple screens while working is beneficial for a lot of people, and you need a desk that can hold them and have space for a keyboard and notebooks. A desk like the Teknik Office Streamline Desk (£494.99) is ideal for this. With space for your screens, and a separate space for your notebooks, you’ll be working more efficiently than ever. 

Now you’re set up with your shiny new desk, you’ll want to consider your office chair. When working at a large desk you want to be able to move around and reach everything you need with ease. This is why we recommend investing in an office chair with wheels to go alongside your new desk. It’ll allow you to access every part of your desk with no problems. You don’t want to be doing that awkward chair shuffle each time you need to get something out of a draw, or reach too far and strain a muscle.

L-Shaped Desks for Smaller Spaces

A Jaxon Office desk is in a home office set up. On the desk is a laptop, clock and several books.A Jaxon Office desk is in a home office set up. On the desk is a laptop, clock and several books.

L-shaped home office desks are super popular in homes with limited space. They can slide really easily into corners and remain out of the way. L-shaped desks can also section off part of a room very well. If you don’t have the space to dedicate an entire room to being a home office, an L-shaped desk can create an office ‘zone’ in one of your rooms.

Smaller rooms can make it harder to create an office space, but with the Badell L-Shaped Corner Desk (£94.99), it couldn’t be easier! With storage included, this compact computer desk provides you with a space to work and tidy away all of your work documents. It’s a great choice for people that don’t have room for additional storage.

If you want a compact L-shaped desk with a bit of an industrial feel, the Jaxon Industrial Computer Desk (£69.99) is the perfect. This stylish desk can hold your laptop and neatly store all of your work necessities. You don’t have to worry about knocking something off your desk, or squashing everything to one side so you can make room for your coffee. This desk has all the space you need!

Having a small room shouldn’t stop you from having a home office desk, it just takes a little bit of research and moving things around. You can find more small office desk ideas in this blog post.

Luxury Home Office Desks for Fully Remote Workers

Not everyone works from home full-time, so a small office desk suits them just fine. However, fully remote workers may want to consider investing a little more money and purchase a luxury home office desk. 

If you’re exclusively working from home, then it’s hugely important that your desk functions perfectly for you. You need to have space for your laptop, potentially multiple screens, plenty of storage space, and room to pop your coffee on the side.

The Rudyard Computer Desk (£199.99) comes with cleverly built in storage, it’s designed so you can get the most out of your storage without it taking up lots of floor space. Featuring two drawers as well as a storage tower containing three shelves, you’ll have more than enough room for your necessities and a little extra!

If you need even more storage, then take a look at the R White Home Office Corner Desk Set (£1199). This luxury desk has more than enough space for you to fit your computer, extra screens, meeting notes and lots of documents you may not need everyday but need to be filed. You will also have more than enough space for your office supplies, both big and small.

Wooden Home Office Desks

A Teknik Giru office desk is in a well lit home office set up near a window. On the desk is a laptop and potted plant.A Teknik Giru office desk is in a well lit home office set up near a window. On the desk is a laptop and potted plant.

Wooden home office desks bring a calming and natural feel to your office space. What with biophilic design surging in popularity, now is the time to invest in a wooden desk. Incorporating natural materials into your office is a great idea as it can help promote feelings of calmness and boost productivity. Not only that, they look great too! Wooden desks come in a range of sizes and colours, so you will find one that suits your home office to a tee.

If you want to go hard on the biophilic design for your home office, then the Teknik Office Baylor Trestle Desk (£109.99) is the one for you. It has a great natural look and modern design with built-in shelves that are perfect for your office plants…or files. This desk comes with a generous working area so you won’t be stuck for space to put your laptop and cup of tea, just remember to use a coaster on a wooden desk!

For those looking for a wooden desk with a sleeker finish, the Teknik Office Giru Desk (£189.99) will be your best friend. This contemporary desk is compact and comes with hidden storage where you can easily store electrical chargers. The Teknik Office Giru Desk is ideal for working from home in a stylish home office.

Keep in mind that wooden home office desks may need a little extra care. Regular dusting is important and you’ll want to give it a polish now and then to keep the wood healthy and strong.

Research is key when it comes to choosing your home office desk. You need to find the best one for you and your needs. Don’t buy the first cool looking desk you see! Once you’ve chosen your desk, you also need to pair it with the right office chair- we have a handy guide for helping you with just that.

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