How do you make slime without Borax?
February 13, 2018

Keep the kids busy through the weekends and holidays creating gallons of fun slime! How to make slime and how to make slime without borax have been some of the most frequently googled questions recently! .

So what's the answer? Well we previously created a fun and easy to follow video showing you the most commonly followed approach to creating slime using shaving foam, PVA glue and borax.

How do you make slime without borax or shaving cream?

It's actually easy to make slime and it's even easier to make it with just PVA glue and some natural ingredients, perfect for kids to play with. The easy to follow slime recipe below uses just cornflour and a few drops of olive or coconut oil mixed with PVA glue to create a slime kids will love!

Slime for Sensitive Hands Recipe

You will need:-

Use Ryman Slime Bundle


- A few drops of the paint

- 1 cup of the PVA glue

- A sprinkle of Glitter

- 2 cups of Cornflour

- A few drops of olive or coconut oil (can use essential oils if you want a nice smell)


1. Mix the cornflour and PVA Glue in a bowl and stir until you get the type of slime that you require, add more cornflour to thicken and to create a doughy feel if you prefer a thicker slime consistency! Alternatively less corn flour will give you a stretchy, almost runny slime

2. Add 2 to 4 drops of oil as you mix to make the slime stretchy

3. Create your own bespoke slime by adding your favourite colour paint - 2 or 3 drops of paint (or as desired depending on how intense you want the colour) Add glitter and get your hands in there to mix in and start having fun...


*Warnings! - Please note adult supervision is required at all times during this activity. Slime is not for consumption - please seek immediate medical attention if swallowed or ingested. Avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands thoroughly after every use.

Storage! – Please store out of children’s reach in an airtight container to prevent from drying out.