How to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer
February 17, 2020

Is your garden looking a little beaten and drab after the onslaught of winter? Get your garden summer ready in no time with these 5 easy tips for a gorgeous outdoor space.

Once the sun starts shining we are all itching to drag out the garden furniture and make the most of whatever outdoor space we have. Somewhere to relax and unwind with a cold drink after a long working week or wowing the in-laws with a BBQ. From walled yards to large grassy gardens, any space can be functional and attractive with a few good ideas, planning, careful spending and bit of hard work.

#1 Whip Your Garden into Shape

Start by making the most of what you already have. You’ll be surprised how much basic garden maintenance will perk up your outdoor space and make it feel like a somewhere you can relax in. It’s time to channel your inner Titchmarsh…


Just give it a mow! There’s nothing nicer than a freshly clipped lawn, it looks great and smells amazing. If it’s looking less than lush, sprinkle with seed and water regularly.


Remove any moss or weeds from between paving flags and give decking some much-deserved love by sanding and re-treating with a stain or protector. If you have a jet washer, giving any paving a quick blast will transform from tired slabs to almost new!

Borders and Pots

Weed out all the undesirables and turn over the soil for a fresh, maintained look.

Recruiting extra hands can make a big job smaller, and more fun! Get family and friends round to help, you’ll be surprised how quickly it comes together.

#2 Create ‘The Look’

Is your garden looking a little blah? Why not edge your lawn so that you have a nice clean line between the grass and any flower beds? It’s a super quick fix using border edging, that won’t break the bank but can make a big difference, and make mowing easier.

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Try adding in a standalone feature such as an Arbour or Pergola. to create instant impact. Ideal for large or small gardens an arbour is perfect for filling that empty corner, giving you somewhere to sit and most feature some kind of trellising to grow plants up, enabling you to add pops of colour.

#3 Planters

Add more colour and interest to your patio or decking by using garden planters and troughs. What’s the secret to a stunning garden pot? Mix and match plant heights, textures and colours. Always use compost not garden soil and don’t forget to water them through the summer! Think about the full sensory experience and go for beautifully scented shrubs and flowers such as honeysuckle and lavender, whose scents will drift across the warm evening air.

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Climbing plants are always a good idea, they will act as camouflage, covering unsightly walls and boring fence panels. Alternatively invest in a trellis arch and place over a garden path, absolutely perfect for growing hanging flowers on such as Blue Wisteria.

#4 Prepare to Entertain’

Set the mood and ensure your BBQs and dinners extend well past dusk with simple outdoor lighting. Solar lights not only illuminate the surroundings but also add a little extra character, and allow you to enjoy your garden 24/7. Flickering tea lights in jam jars are another lovely way to inject instant charm, great for lighting before a BBQ or when the sun starts to go down.

Don’t forget the gazebo! You live in the UK and no matter what the weather forecast says, always prepare for drizzle. A pop-up gazebo is a perfect protection in case of a sudden downpour, store in the shed for quick retrieval in the event of precipitation.

Eating in the garden, garden parties and BBQs are all achievable with a summer-ready garden! Make sure you have a garden table and chairs at the very least. Investing in good quality garden furniture ensures you will reap the benefits year after year. A great budget-friendly alternative to furniture sets if you are priced out, are picnic tables sturdy and with some models suitable for seating up to 8 people.

Dust off your barbeque and make sure you have enough space to put your dishes and condiments in close reach to the table you will be eating at. We love the BBQ side table, a must have for the outdoor chef.

#5 Practical as well as Pretty

Don’t forget your garden can be a functional space as well as social.

Why not make it practical by drying your clothes outdoors. Line drying your clothes is infinitely better than switching on your tumble dryer for a number of reasons. It saves you money (not to mention the world) but also leaves your clothes smelling better than any fabric softener could achieve. Try a Freestanding rotary airer portable so that you can quickly move all of your washing indoors if it starts to spot with rain.

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Fancy ‘The Good Life’ and growing your own fruit and vegetables? Use your borders and planters to grow delicious strawberries, fresh herbs and the odd carrot or potato. Embrace the newfound love of your garden and get all green fingered in the process.