Easter Craft Ideas: How to Make Easter Baskets
February 13, 2020

Nobody can deny that it's been difficult to get used to a new way of living lately, and celebrating Easter indoors is no exception; however, it shouldn't mean that the kids have to be less creative than usual!

Easter craft ideas can help to keep you and your little ones feeling creative whilst also warding off boredom. Easter hampers is one craft idea that is a low-cost way of bringing some Easter joy and also makes use of the craft supplies that are lying around the house.

Not got any PVA Glue lying around? Switch it up and use glitter glue, Sellotape or staples! It's all about making use of what you have, getting creative and making something special to celebrate this Easter!


Easter Craft Ideas: Make An Easter Basket

If you are thinking outside the traditional ‘Easter Egg’ box this Easter and want a unique and personal Easter gift then why not make DIY Easter Baskets and fill with goodies.

Get the kids involved and create sweet Easter hampers using just a few low-cost craft supplies such as card and glue! Fill your baskets with sweet naughties such as jelly beans and chocolate bunnies or handmade goodies such as painted eggs and give to friends and family for that special touch this year.

You will need:-

• A4 Coloured card Choose the colour card that you want to use for your basket, you will need about two sheets of A4 as a minimum

• Glue

• A Large ruler

• A Pencil

• Tissue Paper

• Scissors

Step 1

To make the base of your basket, grab an A4 piece of card and lay it on a table landscape.

Fold down roughly 1/8th of one side of paper– this will be removed to give you the base of your basket (including the area that will make the sides of your basket).

Once you are happy cut off this fold using scissors (adult supervision recommended here!).

Step 2

Next you will make the sides of your basket - fold each side of the paper to even widths of about a 6 cm – use a ruler to determine the width of each fold to make sure they are equal.

You should be left with a piece of card that has all sides folded upwards with little square folds at each corner.

Step 3

Using your pencil and ruler, draw a straight line on one side of each of these little squares then draw a line diagonally through the centre of each square from corner to fold crease – which should give you 4 triangles to cut out at each corner.

Once you have cut out the 4 triangles, apply glue to the outside of the remaining triangular shaped flap, and stick to the straight side of the card next to it to make your corner. Making sure your paper edges line up.

Do this for all corners and you should start to see the base of your Easter basket forming.

Step 4

For your basket handles, choose the width you want your handles to be (2-3 cm a good size) and cut a strip along the longest side of your A4 paper.

Glue each end of your handle to either side of your base. Cut out another handle, but wrap around the bottom of the basket and glue over to meet each of your handles at each side – this will help reinforce your basket.

Ta-dah! Now to add the final touches…

Step 5

Choose a bright colour from your collection of coloured card, and cut out a section to the size you want your bow to be, for a small bow we would recommend cutting roughly 7 – 8cm long and about 3.5cm wide.

Fold in each end to meet in the middle. Glue each edge and fold once more to meet in the middle, then glue down.

Cut from each corner diagonally to meet in the middle at roughly 45 degrees, giving you the basic shape of the bow.

Now cut a small piece of card roughly 1 cm wide and 3 cm long to loop around the middle of the bow and glue down.

TOP TIP - Using your pencil, you can plump up your bow by pushing the pencil through the bow loop at each side – careful not to tear.

Once you are happy with your Bow, make another one then glue them to either side of your basket to cover the base of the handles.

Feel free to add other Easter inspired decorations to your basket such as Easter stickers, fluffy yellow chicks and glitter!

Place in your tissue paper, and you’re ready to add your Easter eggs. Use chocolate foil wrapped eggs for a delicious treat or if you want to avoid chocolate decorate real eggs for a personal and unique Easter gift!