How To Secure Your Home and Office
May 03, 2016

Most of us are now lucky enough to enjoy secure homes with double glazing as well as deadbolt doors giving us peace of mind, but believe it or not Burglaries are even more common than 5 years ago.

It may not be as easy for thieves to break into homes but the statistics tell us that a residential home is burgled every 40 seconds in Britain!

So what can you do to prevent a burglary?

Well you don’t have to transform your home into a hybrid of Fort Knox or Alcatraz. Simple prevention techniques such as installing a security light, Burglar alarm or CCTV cameras can be enough of a deterrent to the criminals eyeing up your property.

We have joined forces with Swann to bring you a number of systems to help protect your home. It’s not complicated and a lot more affordable than you may think.

Burglars tend to bypass houses that requires effort so ensure you lock all doors and windows (common sense but with hectic lifestyles it’s sometime easy to forget!) and ensure you have the protection of CCTV cameras – great for deterring criminals but also identifying them after the event.

And don’t forget when going away for the night or on holiday to set a lamp and timer to come on in the evening, giving the appearance to anybody potentially surveying your home that you are in.