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How to Store a Christmas Tree

How to Store a Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is a non-negotiable Christmas item, everyone needs one! But, there is nothing worse than bringing your Christmas tree and decorations out of storage, and seeing that they've grown mould, parts are broken, and they smell musty. That certainly isn’t how you want to start the festive season. Knowing how to store a Christmas tree and decorations is key.

It’s true that you could avoid a lot of the mould and must, by purchasing a real Christmas tree, but it is far more cost effective to buy an artificial one. With proper storage, your artificial tree and decorations will remain pristine all year round. Finding the perfect Christmas storage box can be difficult but we are going to give you the low down and find you the best products available!

When to Take a Christmas Tree Down

Taking down the Christmas tree is everyone’s least favourite part of Christmas, but it has to be done! There is a lot of debate on when is the right time to take down a Christmas tree. Many believe you should take down your Christmas tree 12 days after Christmas day, which is the 6th of January. For the superstitious, the tree needs to be taken down on New Year's Eve. This is to avoid bringing bad luck into the next year.

Ultimately everyone takes their decorations down at different times but it all comes down to when it works for you! 

How to Store an Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees come in boxes when you first buy them, and many choose to continue storing them in these boxes. However, these boxes are usually cardboard and are not durable. Especially if you store your Christmas tree in an attic or basement. It’s far better to keep it in a sturdy, purpose-built storage container. A Christmas tree storage box such as this Really Useful Box 77 litres with 2 trays, is ideal. This storage box is solid plastic with a lid and clip handles, meaning your tree and decorations will be secure. It’s so sturdy you can stack other boxes on top without worry. No dust and debris will be able to get through this storage box. A 77L Really Useful Box is designed to hold Christmas trees up to 6/7 foot. 

For those with trees a little bigger, why not opt for one of our Strata boxes? These heavy-duty storage boxes come as big as 110L. Built from 100% recycled materials and mounted on wheels for easy maneuverability they truly are built to be the perfect storage companion. There's one more thing we forgot to mention... These boxes are stackable and nestable, each of the lids has a specifically designed indent to allow each box to be stacked on top of each other safely.  What could be better?

But what if you don't have the space for a large storage box? Fear not, we have you covered, why not try the Christmas Tree Storage Bag? This bag is suitable for trees up to 6ft, with a handy zip and carrying handle this is the perfect solution for those on a budget or tight on space!

We have a whole range of Storage Boxes available, you won’t ever have to worry about how to store your Christmas tree and decorations ever again.

How to Store Your Christmas Decorations

A selection of pink and gold baubles in various sizes are carefully placed in a storage box.A selection of pink and gold baubles in various sizes are carefully placed in a storage box.

Much like your artificial tree, Christmas decorations like baubles and tinsel can get broken or become mouldy if not stored properly. The first thing you need to do is wrap them up. Bubble wrap is perfect for all decorations. If you have baubles that are very delicate, wrap them in a couple of layers of bubble wrap to protect them. There’s nothing worse than finding your favourite decoration has been broken when you’re opening up your boxes next year. 

Once your baubles are all wrapped up, pop them into a storage box. This is where the Really Useful Boxes come in once again. The Christmas Tree storage box we mentioned earlier contains a bauble insert and a light tidy insert. If this isn’t enough for all of your decorations, why not go for a 35L Box with 2 Trays? These boxes are transparent, solid plastic, and come with a lid and clip lock handles. Did you know we also sell the Divider Trays that slot into your storage boxes to keep all of your decorations separate? There are three sizes available, trays of 6, 12, and 16. The trays are compatible with the 11L, 18L, 20L, 21L, 35L, 50L, 64L & 84L Really Useful Boxes

Why not take it to the next level and label all of your boxes using a Dynamo Embosser Omega? That way, even with all of your decorations wrapped up, you’ll know what is in what box!

Having reliable storage for your Christmas tree and decorations will ensure they last for years, saving you money and stress. Just think of the satisfaction next year when you get all of the decorations down in pristine condition... For the best storage inspiration don't forget to follow us on Instagram!