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How to Tidy Up After Christmas

How to Tidy Up After Christmas

Overindulged and under-exercised, you sluggishly peruse the wasteland that was your living room.

The aftermath of Christmas can leave you with a strong desire to get your house back to ‘normal’. Dusty decorations, fallen pine needles and a room stacked to the ceiling with cardboard boxes and packaging is the challenge most of us face.

Not to mention the wheelie bins, already packed full of wrapping paper and uneaten food (that you panic bought, convinced that you won’t have enough for family and friends!)

Here at Ryman, we found the best way to take on the post-Christmas clean was to break it down into bite-sized chunks…

Start with the tree

Real trees have usually spent between 3-4 weeks indoors when you come to take them down. It’s not surprising then when every last needle on its branches is shed between the living room and garden, while you wrestle it out of the back door.

TOP TIP; Use a dustpan and brush to clear the majority of pine needle carnage – Using your hoover could block filters and break it.

No more queuing at the tip or mess in your car as there are a number of charities that are happy to take the hassle out of disposing of your tree for a small donation. Click here to find out if there is a collection in your area.

Taking down your artificial tree…

We all want our tree to be stored in perfect condition ready for next year, and the best way to do that is to use a Christmas tree storage box. A decent quality box such as the 77 Litre from Really Useful allows you plenty of room for your tree and bauble inserts are available as well.

Next, get organised ready for next year.

It’s tempting to just throw your baubles, tinsel, swag and lights straight into a box - but don’t. Take the time to put them away properly and you will thank yourself next year!

We love the 35 Litre Really Useful Box for a storing a multitude of festive spangle and decorations.

TOP TIP; When storing Christmas lights – use a scrap of cardboard from your unwanted boxes and wind each strand around to ensure your fairy lights are tangle-free when you come to get them out next year.

Protect your fragile tree decorations and ornaments by storing them in tissue paper bubble wrap or even individual disposable cups within your Really Useful box.

Many of us can be quite sentimental and nostalgic when it comes to our Christmas ornaments, hanging baubles we have had since birth or that have been passed to us from friends and family over the years. So don’t let yours get broken – pad each bauble individually to avoid tears!

Next, you need to put all of your boxes wherever you store them for the year. Most of us opt for the loft, but the rafters of the garage or a used cupboard are good options. Just ensure it’s nowhere that is going to get damp, flooded or worse still infested!

Finally, after a quick tickle with the hoover and duster, you can sit back and enjoy all of the newfound space! Your home will feel positively minimalistic…until next year!