I got 99 Problems but Going Back to Uni Aint One
February 18, 2020

The summer is over and after a ridiculous amount of time off you are now required to function as a student/human again!

You may have been slogging the summer away in a part-time job but more than likely the weeks have been spent travelling, chilling with friends or just napping on the sofa watching re-runs and quietly tolerating your parents. But when all that fun is over and you have to return to uni how you can settle back into student life as smoothly as possible?

Check out the most common problems returning students face and how to beat them!

The Nervous Wreck

You may have spent the first chunk of your holiday pining after university but now September is here you feel nervous about going back. Just relax and remember this is old hat to you now, strut onto campus knowing fresher’s is behind you, the experienced student, navigating uni without getting lost and feeling smug in all your perceived academic experience.

The Over Sleeper

Getting back into the rhythm of early starts and long days can take its toll after weeks of completely bypassing mornings and only surfacing after lunch!

Begin setting your alarm a week before you are due back at University to reset your internal body clock and prepare yourself for study.

The Homeless Student

Most students have got next year’s accommodation sorted before they even break up for the summer. If however you are cutting it incredibly fine, try your luck going back into halls! University owned halls give you peace of mind on maintenance (no leaking pipes to deal with) and generally tie you into a shorter contract.

Great places to check for accommodation apart from the traditional estate agents are Rightmove.co.uk, Gumtree.com, Easyroom.com, and Spareroom.co.uk

The Can’t Even Boil an Egger

If you didn’t master the art of tuna pasta bake in your first year and survived solely on dried delicacies such as Pot Noodles and tinned luxuries like baked beans then listen up! This term invest in a decent student cook book and master the communal kitchen! You will save loads of money cooking for yourself, especially if you get tempted with buying food while you are out and eating takeaways most of the time.

The Last Minute Reader

Forgotten what you learned last term? Definitely didn’t read the books your professor told you to read this summer? Flick back through your notes to refresh your brain and remind yourself where you left your studies. You may have deep regrets about not working harder over the summer months but the past is in the past. Cram as much in as possible now, start by locating that reading list…

The Fresh from Hibernation Student

Summer hibernation has come to an end for the rested student and as they emerge from their den, he or she finds themselves unable to hold – let alone write with - a pen. Re-establishing legible writing after the summer break can be almost as tricky as learning to write for the first time!

Keep a journal over the summer to keep your digits dextrous and hand muscles honed…

The Fully Recovered Student

While this may not sound like a problem, returning to your home town and living like a normal person may reduce your partying stamina.

Every cloud has a silver lining, however, and your body will have fully regenerated during the summer break leaving the hard-partying of last year a mere memory. This means you can hit it even harder this time around! You can now look forward to hangovers so severe that even large quantities of carbs and grease won’t make you feel better…

Check out our Back to Uni page for discounts, tips and essentials to see you through the first term back!