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The Best Kids’ Bedroom Storage Ideas

The Best Kids’ Bedroom Storage Ideas

Kids’ bedrooms are magical places to be. Full of bright colours, imagination, and toys…all over the floor. We all know the pain of standing on a small toy barefoot and trying not to alert the whole house to the major injury you’ve just sustained. It’s not ideal. Smart storage is key to having a clutter-free bedroom for your kids. Space can be limited in children’s bedrooms, especially if they’re sharing with siblings. Luckily for you, Ryman is on hand to help with the best kids’ bedroom storage ideas. Get your notebooks out, you’ll want to write down all of these ideas!

How to Declutter a Child’s Bedroom

One of the first things you should do when trying to find storage in your child’s bedroom, is have a clear out. There are bound to be lots of old toys, books and clothes that your child doesn’t use any more. Someone else will get enjoyment out of them though, so consider selling or donating these old items. Make sure that anything you sell is in good condition and anything you donate is in a condition that you’d be happy to give to a friend. Anything broken beyond repair should be thrown away. You can get your kids involved in this activity too, it’s a great opportunity to teach them how to keep their space clean.

Once you’ve separated all of the items you’re getting rid of from the ones that you’re keeping, it’s time to identify storage space. Make sure you have a thorough check of your child’s room to see where storage can be placed. Consider spaces such as under the bed, hanging on the back of a door, or small nooks for storage cubes. There is a way to store your kids’ things, and we will show you how!

Children’s Toy Storage Ideas

Four kids toy storage cubes with different animals on are in a living room full of toysFour kids toy storage cubes with different animals on are in a living room full of toys

Having easily accessible toy storage is vital for your kids’ bedroom. You want them to be able to get their toys out and help you put them away again. 

A toy box such as the Liberty House Toys Kids Wooden Toy Box (£59.99) is perfect. There is plenty of room inside for your child’s most prized possessions. Also, this toy box has rounded corners and a slow closing hinge for safety. You won’t have to worry about banged heads or trapped fingers. With storage like this your child will know exactly where their toys live, and it’ll be easy to slot this into their bedroom.

If you don’t have quite enough space for a toy box, why not opt for the Ryman Childrens Storage Cubes (£14.99)? These handy foldaway cubes are perfect for storing toys. With packs of 3 available, you can even categorise your child’s toys! You could have a box for soft toys, another for building blocks, and one for electronic toys. Storage cubes can be easily placed into awkward corners or into a cupboard making them perfect for smaller bedrooms.

Children’s Book Storage Ideas

A pink velvet kids ottomon sits between two pieces of pink velvet kids furniture in a bedroom.A pink velvet kids ottomon sits between two pieces of pink velvet kids furniture in a bedroom.

Books need to be stored carefully, you don’t want them to get squashed or have ripped pages.

For little ones, something like the Premier Kids Mia Velvet Ottoman (£169.99) would work well. This elegantly designed storage solution has plenty of space for books. With the gas hinge lid, it’s safe and easy for your child to open on their own. Due to its modest height of approximately 350mm, your child won’t have to reach to grab their favourite book.

Floating shelves like the Novi Shelf (£59.99) are also an option to consider. These are especially good for smaller bedrooms with limited wall space. A bonus is you can place them at a height that’s easily accessible for your child. Floating shelves safely hold books and clear floor space. You can also have the spines facing outwards so your child can easily find the book they’re looking for.

How to Store Arts and Crafts

A close up of the Really Useful Storage drawers, focusing on the top pink drawer.A close up of the Really Useful Storage drawers, focusing on the top pink drawer.

One of the more difficult categories to store, but possible with the right solution.

Kids love their arts and crafts because it gives them the opportunity to be creative, and messy! But that doesn’t mean that crafts should be put away messily, or not put away at all. Categories are key when it comes to storing arts and crafts supplies, so things don’t get mixed up and leaky bottles don’t spill onto fresh, clean paper. The Premier Kids 3 Tier Storage Unit (£59.99) is perfect as it comes with 9 separate storage bins. You can make sure that all of the glitter, pipe cleaners, and paint has its own space.

If you need something a little smaller, you can still have compartmented arts and crafts storage with the Really Useful Storage Drawer Unit (£29.99). Narrower than the previous product, this set of drawers will still stop your kids’ arts and crafts from getting cluttered. Each draw is a different colour, and can be easily labelled with a label printer. Categorising items by colour will help your children remember where everything should go, and will allow them to help you with the cleaning up.

Both of these storage units are great for storing your child’s creations, but we still think the best place to display their art is on the fridge!

Clever Storage Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Having a small bedroom does make it a little more awkward finding storage space, but there are clever storage solutions available!

Floating shelves are a great storage solution for small bedrooms. The Brolo Wall Shelf (£49.99) is perfect for storing books, toys, and accessories. As we mentioned earlier, you’re in full control of where these shelves are placed so you can make them work in whatever way is best for your child’s bedroom.

Under-bed storage is also a brilliant option for a small bedroom. Ideal for items that won’t be used frequently, the Strata Under-bed Smart Plastic Storage Box (£12.99) can safely hold toys, clothes, and much more. This storage solution won’t take up any additional floor space, leaving your child with plenty of space to play.

There are lots of storage ideas to choose from for your kids’ bedroom. Make sure you carefully check the size of the bedroom and the storage option you’re considering to ensure it’s as effective as possible. Keeping your child’s room clutter-free will allow them to have a safe space to play, and teaching them how to keep it tidy is a great life skill. You can find all of our kids’ bedroom storage on our website.

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