Make Slime with Elmer’s Magic Solution
June 28, 2018

Elmer’s have developed an innovative new product Elmer's Magic Liquid! Simply add to PVA glue to make super cool slime, fast. Elmer's Magical Liquid is certified as nontoxic and child-friendly, the perfect way to make tons of fun, gooey slime that kids go nuts for.

What is Elmer's Magical Liquid Made From?

We can't tell you that because it's absolutely top secret and we don't know the recipe ourselves! But what we do know is that it is super safe, non toxic and washable, and the perfect activator to create slime.

Forget potentially toxic, expensive and messy ingredients such as borax, shaving foam and boric acid (contact lens solution) and use Elmers instead. This liquid has been evaluated by toxicologists and doesn't cause health problems when used as intended, great news for avid slime makers everywhere!

Endless Slime Fun

Get making slime as often as you like with Elmers PVA glues and liquid, adding glitters to give a sparkly dimension to homemade slimes. Grab yourself a Slime Starter Kit which contains Elmer's products - including the magical liquid, glitter glue and clear glue.

Check out how easy it was to make Elmer's slime in the video below!

Discover some of the latest slime hacks and trends and recreate some of them yourself, ramping your slime up to the next level.

Rainbow Slime

Rainbow Slime involves mixing a variety of coloured glitters or glues together to create a vibrant swirling rainbow. Check out our range of coloured PVA glue perfect for rainbow slime.

Crunchy Slime

Make a slightly thicker slime and stretch, pull and squeeze to hear some great cracks, pops and bubbles.

Textured Slime

Add small polystyrene balls or plastic beads to create an unbelievable texture for ultimate squeezy satisfaction.

No matter which type of slime you choose to make, Elmer's makes it easy in seconds!