National Home Security Month
October 01, 2021

Figures show that domestic burglary in England and Wales has increased by 32% in the last 12 months, yet 28% of UK adults take no security precautions at home, leaving their possessions and loved ones at risk. It is now more important than ever to invest in security systems to keep your homes and belongings protected.

Myths Busted

The biggest myth in home intrusion is thinking that burglary only happens to other people. This is definitely not the case and burglary could happen to anyone if you haven't taken all of the relevant precautions to protect your home.

You may think that if you live in a quiet area you are at less of a risk of becoming a victim of a break-in, however, a quiet area doesn’t always mean a safe area - quiet areas may even attract thieves as they may find it easier to break in undetected. Similarly, burglary isn’t just confined to low-income areas. It may surprise you to learn that the UK’s number one burglary hotspot is Henley-in-Arden!

Another common myth is that most burglaries happen during the night. However, the truth is that the majority of burglaries reported in the UK happen between 10am and 3pm, this is when you are most likely to be out of the house at work or school, therefore, leaving your home more vulnerable to an attack.

Protecting Your Home

Statistics show that you are much less likely to become a target of burglary if you have a well fitted and well-maintained burglar alarm or CCTV system fitted in your home. Outdoor and indoor cameras are known to be the most effective deterrent against intrusion, and thanks to advances in technology there are some great value options which are easy to install.

60% of UK homeowners already have a security camera installed on their property and with burglaries spiking by more than a third when the clocks go back, it’s time to get yours too! We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor security cameras, and if you aren’t quite sure which one is right for you, you can read our helpful CCTV Buying Guide for loads of useful information.

Cameras and alarms are great for protecting your home, but there are also additional methods that you can take to protect your belongings. Safes are perfect for protecting important documents and valuable possessions such as jewellery and photographs. The great thing about safes is that they don’t just protect your belongings from theft, but also provide protection from potential flooding and fire damage.

Smart Home

A modern alternative to traditional CCTV cameras is Smart Home Security. This term refers to cameras that record footage either directly onto an SD card or into the cloud, can be integrated into services such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and are easily accessed from your mobile phone.

89% of ex-burglars say that a connected home would help to deter thieves. There are now 15 million ‘smart homes’ in Britain and 32% of homes have a smart alarm fitted on their property. A third of all adults already have a smart doorbell, 33% own app-controlled exterior cameras and 17% have app-controlled locks.

A common misconception is that Smart Security relies solely on your wi-fi connection and if your wi-fi goes down so does your security. In reality, a loss of wi-fi connection will only have an effect on your connected app not your whole security system, meaning that your home will stay protected.

Our range of Smart Home Security contains everything you need to keep your home connected and protected from potential threats.

Theft in the Garden

Theft doesn't just take place in the house, but in the garden too. Bicycles are the most likely items to be stolen from gardens, with 1 in 50 bicycle owning households being victims of cycle theft.

If you own a Bike it’s really important that you keep it safe and secure when you aren’t using it. We have a range of secure, lockable storage solutions for your Bicycle meaning that you can sleep easy knowing that your Bike is just as protected as your home.

It’s not just bikes that get stolen from Gardens, sheds are also prime targets for burglars as they are often home to all of your expensive garden appliances such as lawnmowers and hedge trimmers - in Britain on average there are 60 shed break-ins a day!

Make sure your shed is always left securely locked with a sturdy padlock to prevent break-ins, or if it’s looking a bit worse for wear maybe its time for an update.

Vehicle Theft

The threat of burglary doesn’t just apply to your home or garden, vehicle thefts and thefts from vehicles increased by 29% year on year throughout 2018.

If you are investing in state of the art security systems for your home, why wouldn't you want to protect your vehicle too? Although Dash Cams are primarily used to monitor your vehicle and it’s surroundings when driving, some also have the functionality to pick up on any incidents that happen when your car is unattended such as a potential break-in attempt.

Personal Theft

With technology more advanced than it has ever been, it’s not just our homes and gardens that we need to protect from theft, but our phones, wallets, and even our identities too! There are almost 500 incidents of ID fraud in the UK every day so it is crucial that you are taking all of the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Start by shredding old documents and bank statements, using a card blocker when you’re out and about, and even installing security software on your PC or laptop - all of these prevention methods will help you to improve your personal security.

For more information on keeping your home safe, and to view our full range of security products check out our National Home Security Month page