Packing Hacks for Travel and Holiday
June 14, 2016

Whether you are planning an overnight trip or 4 weeks on the other side of the world, packing hacks can save you time, hassle and money.

Have a read of our easy packing hacks before you start stuffing your case to ensure you arrive at your destination stress free and fully prepared!

Packing your Clothes

The aim of the game here is to save as much space as possible while ensuring your clothes arrive as crease free as possible. Try rolling clothes rather than folding them to really prevent wrinkles in fabric and save yourself plenty of room.

Alternatively if you are taking formal wear with you, investing in a Shirt & Accessories Micro-Case allows you to neatly organise shirts and ties together while the clever garment folding board ensures no unsightly creases.

If you are going away for longer than 2 weeks then a JML Vac Pack is your new best friend.

This space-saving solution will ensure you get double if not triple the number of clothes into your case. Be wary of weight though and weigh your suitcase regularly as you pack to ensure you are not exceeding your weight limit.

TOP TIP Stuff shoes with rolled underwear and socks to save more space in the case!

Digital luggage scales

Worth their weight (no puns intended) in gold whilst packing clothes, allowing you to weigh your luggage at home and avoid the airline's fee for excess baggage which can be as much as £25 per Kg! Don’t forget to take it with you so that you can weigh your bag at the end of your trip – taking into account holiday purchases and gifts for friends and family.

If you do find you’ve arrived at your destination with some creased clothes, taking a Travel Iron with you can alleviate the stress of having to walk around like you’ve slept in your outfit for 2 days. Compact and perfect for your travels, be sure to choose a travel iron with steam functionality so you don’t spend hours battling the stubborn crease!

Toiletries, Smellies and Preventing Leaks

First things first – don’t take what you don’t need! Limit yourself to essentials and then go and buy the travel-sized equivalents to save both space and weight. Bear in mind that you can pick most things up when you get there so if it’s something heavy (such as sun cream) just buy it when you arrive.

Zip Lock Bags

Good for avoiding potential leaking disasters. The last thing you want is to finally arrive at your accommodation only to find wet and stained clothes due to a toiletries pop.

Forgotten Extras

And finally check our list below to ensure you have packed the most frequently forgotten travel essentials;

Prescription Medicines-Keep these in your hand luggage and bring the box with the prescription label attached (this will have your name and address on to prove ownership)


Essential for ladies and gents alike while holidaying to stay smooth and glam – especially for beach escapes! Don’t forget to pack this in your main case as it won’t be allowed in hand luggage.

Travel Plugs and Adaptors

A no brainer when holidaying in a foreign country, ensure you go fully prepared so that you can plug straighteners, chargers and other essentials in once there.

Power Bank

Perfect for any trip no matter how big or small, always be able to charge your device no matter where you are.


TOP TIP If you are short on plug sockets when away in a hotel, most TVs have a USB plugin – perfect for adding some juice to your device.

Suitcase locks

Keep the contents of your luggage safe and secure as it travels through the airport system.