Storage Tips for Record Collectors
December 29, 2020

There is no doubt that vinyl records are a beautiful thing, a joy to behold. And that damaged records are a travesty. Even the most cynical, jaded, outright square shudders at the sound of a record scratching. And heaven knows they’re fragile– they do not mix with kids, flimsy cardboard boxes or drunk friends.

But wipe those tears away vinyl lover, catastrophe can be avoided with correct and proper storage. Follow these tips to keep your wax dry, protected and easy to locate.

Clear Plastic Boxes

‘Where did I file my 1974 Moroccan afro-trance compilation?’ We all know the feeling, right?

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to such problems and invest in some Really Useful Boxes. They’re the perfect lifelong storage option – sturdy, waterproof and light. Most importantly they’re clear, which makes a record easier to find and minimizes the chance of an awkward silence before you drop the needle on the next stone-cold classic tune.

Proper Record Bag

Ah, the temptation to take your latest acquisitions around to a friend’s house party.

It’s an internal struggle record collectors know well: ‘show off my immaculate taste vs spilled drinks, stray cigarettes and junk food grease, all within a close vicinity of my prized possessions’. There are too many hazards to count – and the ingenious ways a record can be implemented for improper use at a house party never ceases to amaze.

The best way to protect from all of this is by investing in a proper DJ bag. They’re solid, easy to organise and – let’s face it – they look cool. All you need to do is remember to put the discs back in the bag after you’ve played them.

Get a Record Label

No, not a record label. That’s a terrible idea, unless you want to re-mortgage your entire life.

The correct heading should probably be Get a Labelling System (shop labellers here []. Whether you work by genre, alphabetical, artist discography, or chronological order, having a system to locate your tunes is the bedrock of any loving relationship between collector and collection.

If you want to increase the longevity of your records, browse our range of Really Useful Boxes