Thank You Crafts for Teachers
June 25, 2018

“Once someone joins my class, I will always think of them as ‘one of my students’ - long after they’ve left school.” Mrs Buchan

The teachers that make the biggest impression on our lives stay with us forever. For those of us who are finished with our education, we will never forget our favourite teachers. We will always have a special place in our hearts for the ones who took the time to understand who we were. Some teachers just seem to ‘get’ their students and if you’re still studying - we bet you can picture your favourite teacher or lecturer as you read this.

For those of us with children at school, there is nothing better than chatting to a teacher who has taken a shine to your little one. The bond between teacher and student is a two-way street and it’s so fulfilling for a teacher to find students who enjoy being taught by them.

Crafty gifts for teachers

Our series of thank you gift ideas for teachers has looked at different ways to show your appreciation for the special educator in your - or your children’s - lives. In our first guide we looked at practical ways to say thank you, whilst helping your teacher focus on, and be organised for, the next term.

We moved on to look at the different relationships we forge with our teachers as we get older and how students can form a strong bond with their favourite educators. Creating a lasting impression with a unique, personalised thank you gift for your teacher is a simple and lovely way to show your thanks.

In our final article, we look at quick, easy and fun ways to craft a perfect thank you token which will make your teacher smile every time it’s used.

Unique gift ideas for teachers

Roll up your sleeves and grab your craft box as we show you some fun, inexpensive, creative - and most of all useful-gift ideas for teachers. Whether you are the student or you have a little student who wishes to thank their teacher, there’s something for everyone in this make-your-own thank you gift guide.

Page Holders & Bookmarks

It’s frustrating losing an important section in a textbook. Your tutor can keep tabs on essential sections easily with these cool shooting star page holders and bookmarks.

Cards & Pictures

You are never too old to get out the sequins and glue to show how much you appreciate your teacher.

Classroom Door Sign

Your favourite teacher may be saying goodbye to you and your classmates at the end of this term, but a whole new class of learners will be walking through their door after the holidays. Help set the scene for an inspiring classroom by making a cute classroom door sign for the new term.

As you can see, making a teacher gift can be rustled up from bits and pieces in your craft box, or from your local Ryman store and can be done without much cost. What you save in time and money is more than made up for with love and creativity.

Keep in mind that as much as we will never forget our favourite teachers, the same is true for teachers and their pupils. They have a special place in their hearts for the students who help shape them into becoming inspiring and confident teachers and having a hand-made thank-you gift will remind them every day of the great job they have done.