Thank You Gifts for Teachers
June 12, 2018

“Let us remember: one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world” (Malala Yousafzi)

With the end of the term edging ever closer (almost within reach if you’re in Scotland), it’s time to start thinking about ways to say thank you to the teachers.

In this three-part series, we look at how important the teachers in our lives have been as well as the lives of our children. We’ll also discuss thank you gift ideas for teachers, ideas that are sure to take you straight to the top of the class!

Whether you’re in the middle of your own education, or you’re looking after someone in the middle of theirs, we all know how important a teacher can be. Perhaps it's someone who took extra time to help when you were struggling or maybe they inspired you with their words and passion. Do you ever wish you could thank them for what they did?

Okay, so the last time we checked we didn’t sell time machines, so there’s no going back. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t thank the teachers and classroom assistants who are impacting your life (or the life of your children) right now.

Below you will find a great selection of gift ideas, full of presents and stationery that teachers really like, and actually use. How do we know what presents teachers really want? Because we asked them!

Give the Gift of Organisation

A day in the life of a teacher is enough to spin anybody round in circles, so giving a thank you present that makes them feel a little more in control is not only a useful gift, but a thoughtful one, too. Writing a heartfelt note inside an academic diary will surely bring a smile to your favourite teacher’s face all through the next term.

Go personal for a gold star! Ryman Personalised Academic Diary 2018-2019 from £14.99

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Give Your Teacher a Boost

Teachers often leave the house early to get a jump on their day in the classroom, often having to rush, or even miss breakfast. Help them get a much needed hot drink while they travel to work so they can arrive feeling refreshed and ready for a busy day.

Thermos Travel Mugs from £4.99

Something Special

We’re noticing a real trend where parents club together to buy a gift for a treasured teacher that might be a little more expensive. If this sounds like you, we’d recommend opting for something the teacher would never buy themselves.

Like a DAB Digital Radio for the classroom. The sounds of their favourite radio station will surely help with the paperwork after the learners are gone for the day, and if they choose a station with soothing music they will feel relaxed before heading home.

Everybody loves a decent pen, and teachers report that their pens often get ‘borrowed’ by colleagues and students alike! Gifting a personalised engraved pen shows just how much you value their efforts and ensures the pen with their name on stays in their classroom.

Really Useful Gifts for Teachers?

Learning can seem magical, and the best teachers seem to pull the most inspiring lessons out of an empty hat. So why not build your own box of tricks, giving your teacher classroom essentials they will use and value?

Start with a Really Useful Box and fill it with a selection of must-have stationery items. You don’t have to go down the traditional route, either. Get inspired with shaped paper clips, cool and colourful pens, cute page markers, motivational stickers, trendy highlighters or a happy face stamp to make them smile after a long afternoon of marking.

We've got teacher stationery essentials covered. Click on the link to see our full range of teacher goodies.

Teachers LOVE Sticky Notes. Fact!

“Sticky notes, sticky notes and more sticky notes please!”.

With the advance of technology, there are now countless ways to keep a note of our thoughts, tasks, ideas and any other little bits of info we must remember. However, when it comes to sticky notes, it seems like nothing will ever take their place. With teachers being unable to tap important messages into their phones during class - sticky notes are at the top of their wish list.

We’ve sourced some silly and stylish stickies…. Pick a selection you know will make them smile.

Think outside the box:

Everybody loves a rainbow:

Feel prepared:

Make your Teacher’s Day with Heartfelt Notes, Cards, Letters and Pictures

Don’t forget to add something a little heart felt in with your gift.Teachers don’t often know or realise the impact they make on an individual’s life - telling them about it will give them the biggest smile of all.