The Uni Essentials List
September 18, 2018

After a summer of fun and good times, it might be hard to believe that you are so close to going back to (or starting) uni. No doubt you’re dreading getting started on the list of uni essentials to make sure you’ve got everything you need for lectures and life. We think you’ve got enough on your plate for now, so relax for a while longer, as we’ve written the back to uni essentials list for you. Here’s our guide to what you can buy right now to make getting back to uni plain sailing.

The best stationery for going back to uni

Stationery - your tools of the trade (for now at least!), so make sure you’ve got everything you need at every one of your study spots.

1. Pens & Pencils treat yourself to a really Special Pen and then stock up on a couple of multi packs. You’ll be set for the year.

2. Pencil Cases , Backpacks Desk Tidies - keeping things in one place will help you feel more in control.

3. Pads & Notebooks Whatever your note-taking style, there’s something to suit.

4. Filing & Folders Keep your work organised by filing in different coloured folders and box files so it’s easy to find the right notes when you need them.

5. Revision Essentials Don’t sweat it - work out the best revision strategies for you and make sure you’ve got the tools you need from day one.

Organisation is key for a stress free term

1. Get super organised. Hopefully by now, you’ve worked out what helps keep you focused. Whether you like a large diary to stay on your desk, or smaller ones to keep in your bag for important dates and plans - we’ve got organisation covered.

. Planners

. Diaries

Get your tech kit together for going back to university

Now we’re well settled in the digital age, it’s so easy to access what we need wherever we go. Even so, work out what you need to make life in the tech world go smoothly for you and stock up ahead of time so you’re safe, secure and streamlined right from the start.

1.Internet Security Software - just don't take the risk!.

2. USB Flash Drives & External Hard Drives - Back up! Back up! Back up!

3. Power Banks & Chargers

4. Cables, Leads & Sockets

5. Headphones & Speakers

Invest in healthy habits to save money at university

Say goodbye to throwing money away on take away coffees and unhealthy lunches when you make your own at home and take them with you.

1. Soup Makers, Blenders Slow Cookers.

2. Food Flasks & Travel Mugs

3. Coffee Pots & Makers.

Keep valuables & important documents safe & secure

Don’t waste time rummaging through piles of paper for the important stuff. Keep valuables belongings and essential finance and identification documents, TV licenses and course paperwork in a safe secure place.

1. Document Storage Systems.

2. Small Safe.

Have a great year back at Uni from Ryman

It’s been a brilliant summer - full of sunshine, great sport and lots of good times. And with all that vitamin D and serotonin stocked up - we’re sure it’s going to be an amazing year at Uni, too.

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