What is a Power Bank?

What is a Power Bank?

Power Bank is a handy little pack that allows

5 things you have to know before you buy a Power Bank

What is a Power Bank?

Power Bank is a handy little pack that allows you to charge your device in an emergency – whenever or wherever you are!

With multiple apps and so many reasons to constantly use or check your smartphone it’s no wonder that 1 – 3 people say the biggest issue with their device is battery life.

These clever portable battery chargers give you the freedom to charge almost anywhere – from the back of beyond whilst camping or simply top up your Juice whilst shopping.

No more heart stopping moments when you realise your battery is 3% just as you desperately need to make a call, transfer money on your banking app or worse still take a breath-taking picture.

What to consider before you buy a Power Bank

#1 Size

Portability is very important when it comes to choosing the best power bank. Does it need to fit into a: pocket, wallet, handbag, laptop bag?

#2 Capacity

What kind of device do I need to charge? Check the capacity of your phone/tablets battery and see how big it is. You can do this by opening the back of the phone or checking online.

mAh is the measure for the amount of charge that a power bank can hold (the more mAh, the more charge you need for your smartphone)

#3 Price

What’s my budget? Decide the amount that you want to spend and look at the factors that increase price such as; mAh (the higher the mAh the higher the price of the Power bank), numerous ports, LCD display, LED Flashlights, additional accessories

#4 Higher mAh rating would mean more charging time

So the bigger the battery the longer the charging time. If the speed of charge is important to you it may be best to opt for a lower mAh rating.

#5 Ports

If you think you will need to charge more than one device simultaneously, it is important that you opt for a charger with two USB charging ports.