Desk Accessories For Your Home Office Setup
January 22, 2021

At the start of 2020, 1.7 million out of 32.6 million people in employment in the UK, were reported to work from home according to stats from the Office for National Statistics. That figure shot up considerably during the COVID-19 pandemic and is expected to remain at this higher level as businesses (and employees) discover the benefits of working from home. 

We all know now, better than ever, that it’s essential to get your home office setup just right.

Our homes can be full of distractions that can hinder our progress on tasks that usually only take a short while. But, with the right desk setup, you’ll be able to get motivated and focus, increasing both your productivity and efficiency. 

So, what changes should you make? After all, a change is as good as a rest. 

  1. Less is more

We’re all guilty of leaving items around the house and sometimes not putting things away properly and those of us trying to homeschool our kids at the same time will understand how futile it is to even attempt to keep everything nice and tidy. However, as much as we deny it, it really can cause us to be distracted, less focused and, in turn, less productive. 

Don’t let your home stop you from doing your absolute best in work, keep your workspace minimal, with as little clutter as possible. We have so fab solutions that will help to keep everything close to hand without cramping your desk space.

For example, you could consider using a letter tray. That will store all those documents you need to refer to but aren’t necessarily working on right now. You can also use hidden storage solutions, like a rollout shelf under your main desk to house notes and stationery like hole punchers

  1. Create a separate workspace 

If you have the room in your home, try to create a separate workspace so that you will find it easier to shut off from work in the evening, it’s so tempting to work until you’ve finished the task in hand rather than sticking to your normal 9 till 5 office routine. It’ll even help you feel like you have the best commute - for as long as the cat stays out of the way. 

Did you know, natural light can improve sleep, helping you to feel more refreshed and able to approach work productively? As such, working near a source of natural light, like a window, can vastly improve your working space at home. 

On top of that, having a good view at your window can also enhance your working atmosphere, we’re not suggesting that you move house to improve the view but looking out either at your garden/ or your neighbours’ living room is much better for you than if you were to be looking at the wall all day. 

  1. Incorporate plenty of greenery

Plants and greenery should form a core part of your home desk setup as they create a calming, mood-boosting atmosphere which is perfect for working in. This can work effectively to reduce stress as well as separate your desk from other living areas. 

In addition to this, they can eliminate toxins floating in the air and work as natural humidifiers – a great benefit for anyone with dry eyes from looking at their screens for too long. 

If you aren’t green-fingered, there’s no reason to worry. While artificial plants might not offer the full benefits of real greenery, they can still foster a productive working environment. 

Creating the best home office setup

If you’re working from home, even just utilising a few of these ideas can improve your office setup. To see your dream desk setup become a reality, explore everything Ryman has to offer. From ingenious storage ideas to desk organisers to keep your working space clear, we have everything to help you knuckle down and focus.