Ryman Business Services

Ryman Business helps many organisations, just like yours, destroy and recycle confidential waste. We safeguard businesses against identity fraud threats and ensure they remain compliant with the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Do you currently shred inhouse?

Get in touch and let us prove to you how outsourced shredding can boost employee productivity and save you money in the process.

Is your office cluttered with documents which need clearing out?

Let us run through the options and demonstrate how your local depot will give you the optimum cost to service benefits for your one-off purge.

Are you looking to switch providers and save on your scheduled shredding service?

See how much we can save you by switching. Unlike many other providers, we don’t tie you into long 3 year contracts; We retain our customers through delivering a great service.

Have you got multiple sites across the UK?

Use our national network of local depots, amalgamate your shredding across your sites and we will be able to offer significant cost savings based on your organisations total volumes.


  • To ensure you are GDPR compliant
  • Identity fraud costs the UK £5.4bn each year, affecting 3.25m people
  • The average loss per individual is £1,600
  • Financial loss due to fraud is taking place at £6,000 per second
  • The ICO reported that in Q4 2016, there was a 22% increase in the number of data security incidents resulting from loss or theft of paperwork

What services & solutions do we offer?

We offer a range of on & off site shredding services tailored to your unique requirements:

  • On-site shredding involves a secure shredding truck visiting your premises and shredding your confidential waste there and then, right in front of you. It’s quick, discreet and very secure
  • Off-site shredding involves collecting your material in locked, GPS-monitored trucks and transporting it to a secure local shredding facility where it is shredded, baled and then recycled
  • Purge shredding is our one-off service for organisations needing a clear-out of documents periodically
  • Scheduled shredding is our regular contracted service (every 2 or 4 weeks) to remove full shredding sacks or to empty secure bins and consoles