Envelope Postal Guide

Pricing in Proportion is the how the Post Office now charges for postage.

Size Dependant

Prices now depend on the size, weight and thickness of the items being mailed.

Three Official Formats

There are three formats of mail: Letter, Large Letter and Packet.

  • Letter
    The maximum sizes for a ‘Letter’ are:
    Size: 240mm x 165mm
    Thickness: 5mm
    Weight: 100g

  • Large Letter
    The maximum sizes for a ‘Large Letter’ are:
    Size: 353mm x 250mm
    Thickness: 25mm
    Weight: 750g

  • Packet
    If the item is larger than a ‘Large Letter’ then it should be considered to be a ‘Packet’.

Pricing in Proportion Ruler

The Pricing in Proportion Ruler (available from your Post Office), will help to identify the size and the thickness of the item.

This ruler is split into two sections.

  • Red Section
    The red section is for the ‘Letter’ format

  • White Section
    White section is for the ‘Large Letter’ format.

Using the PiP ruler with a set of weighing scales and the Post Office’s price charts will help customers to identify the item category.

Envelope Sizes

Envelope Sizes





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