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W 1400 - 1599mm Home Office Desks

Shop our home office desk range to design a modern, functional, and fit-for-purpose workspace that doesn’t encroach into your family and relaxation spaces. Our home office desks allow you to make the best use of your space, from corner desks for larger studies to small home office desks perfect for more compact spaces. Complete the set with one of our office chairs, and help keep your work from home set up comfortable and supportive with Ryman.

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Some of us prefer to work from home, some of us prefer the office, but everyone can benefit from a  great quality home office desk from Ryman® UK. No more working from your kitchen table or from your sofa, not with your very own home desk to work properly from.


For university students returning home over the summer or those who study remotely, it can be frustrating to be away from your university campus or library. A flat surface in a quiet room can be hard to come by in your flat, student halls, or family home, so any respite from noise is a top advantage to your work! A home office desk provides you with the perfect option to study and revise from home, with enough room for your books, notebooks, revision aids, and laptop. You could even fit a printer on your desk if you so chose to! Our range is perfect for students because we have perfect options for every room size. A small home office desk will tuck nicely into the corner of your room, and there are plenty of home office desk ideas to play around with when customising and kitting it out.


For those in the working world, the growth of remote working and roles has been unparalleled. If you’re looking for home office desk ideas, you’ve found the right place. We have a pop-up, small home office desks, black simplistic framed desks, and those with built-in storage, drawers, and shelving units so they blend into your home decor. There are plenty of different options so your new work surface doesn’t feel like a bolt-on to your home, but rather a part of it. You can even jazz it up a little bit to blend it into your home with home office decor and accessories.


Require something smaller, or not quite a desk? Take a look at our home office desk ideas for small rooms. A home office table doesn’t have to be used as a desk to work at, instead, it can be used as a surface to house your printer or scanner - especially if you have wireless devices. This keeps them elevated and off the floor, and at an easy height to use without fuss or worry. Even if you are struggling for space in your already furnished and decorated home, our small pop-up desks make it easy to assemble your workspace and then pack it away again. Don’t forfeit your play space to work if you don’t have to! 


If your child needs a workspace for projects, homework, or revision, then one of our children's desks would be a great idea. This helps to teach them structure, separate work from family life, and give them a dedicated space to concentrate on their important sums and worksheets. Even for fun things like arts and crafts, a child’s desk is a great surface for glue stick smudges and everything else involved!


Home Office Desk FAQs

Where to put a desk in a home office?

Choosing where to put your new home office desk can be tricky. You need to consider the space, productivity, and aesthetic appearance of how the rest of your office furniture will fit in with your new addition. The old cliche of writers gazing out of windows from their desk still rings true; we think you should definitely place your home office desk next to or facing a window. The natural light during the day will help ease the eye strain for both laptop or computer screens and manually writing in notepads and project books. Furthermore, a gentle breeze or airflow through the open window will be a welcome reprieve on warmer days. If you’re someone who believes in feng shui, or simply doesn’t want their back to the door whilst working, then placing the desk diagonal to or facing the door of your study will make sure you don’t feel uneasy about people coming and going.


What do you need for your desk in your home office?

So you’ve chosen your new home office desk, now what do you kit it out with? You need somewhere to properly display your stationery, files, papers, and other assorted equipment in easily accessible yet functional storage solutions. For this, you need desk organisers and storage options such as folder holders, memo pad holders, pen pots, and letter trays. This avoids a cluttered workspace, and as we all know a cluttered workspace can lead to stress and losing valuable bits of equipment.


If you’re creating a home study and working with a lot of documents or paperwork, then you’ll definitely benefit from a printer. We have many different options depending on your needs, whether it's for the occasional printout or regularly printing documents. Some of our models even come with combined capabilities, so whatever you require you can fit it comfortably on your small home office table.

You obviously need to fill your desk organisers with equipment and tools, so naturally, you’re going to want a lot of pens and pencils. And, to turn your desk into a home office desk (emphasis on ‘home’) you need to add some flourishes to make it feel comfortable and personal! Personalised homeware, like cushions, canvases, and storage boxes, are great additions to your home office desk and study room in general.

Searching for a different kind of home office desk? We have a huge range of desks for either your home workspace or office. Or check out our modular office furniture, office tables and standing desks too. We also offer meeting room tables perfect for all business spaces. You are sure to find a suitable home office desk with Ryman®.

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