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Office desks can revamp any office or study space instantly. Our range of desks is huge and encompasses everything from simple and minimalist computer desks to highly functional corner desks. Work efficiently and effectively with a comfortable standing desk, find the perfect children’s desks for homework, or choose something classic for daily use that will fit into your work-from-home set-up with a home office desk. Complement your new desk with a high-quality office chair for optimal comfort, productivity, and to complete the set. If you’re buying desks for your business, then head over to bulk buy desks from Ryman Business.

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Whether you work from home, are an office-based worker or are studying, you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting at your desk. Therefore choosing the right desk is important for your productivity and comfort. When shopping for a desk you not only need to take into account aesthetics and style but also how long you’ll be sitting at your desk and what ergonomic support you need from your desk.


Our range of desks is extensive, to say the least. We offer small desks to make the most of your space, L-shaped desks to fit into awkward spaces and offer a greater surface area to work from, and corner desks that easily slot into your space and leave the rest of the room open. Our desks are available in different finishes and frames, so you can not only find something to fit your practical needs but your decor too. If you need some inspiration, find out about modern home office design ideas with us to see how you can make a desk look less like a utility and more like a funky workstation. From industrial metal finishes to clean white or black frames, our desk range suits all design needs. Our collection includes office desks as well as desks for home offices from top brands, like DAMS, Fellowes, Really Useful, Teknik, and more.


How to sit at a desk

Sitting properly at your desk helps support your back, shoulders, blood flow, and general comfort. If you’re noticing a crick in your neck, muscular stiffness, or a stoop when you work, you probably aren’t sitting in the correct position.


Firstly, ensure your back is supported to reduce the risk of back pain. This means sitting upright and up against the very back of your chair. Try to resist leaning over your computer keyboard or paperwork, because this takes your shoulders and upper back away from the backrest and creates a knock-on effect of tension. If you’re worried about your posture and seated comfort, it may be time to look into an ergonomic chair.


To sit properly, you might need to adjust your chair. The seat needs to be low enough for you to put both of your feet flat on the floor, but high enough that your knees still form softened right-angles. If you can’t adjust your chair to fit this position or can’t put both feet on the floor, then consider a footrest to help support your back and hips.


Place your screen or laptop at eye level, so you don’t crane your neck up or hunch it down when you’re working. If you’re struggling with this, then a monitor riser would help you, or alternatively you could opt for an adjustable desk so that you can work standing up. Take a look at our home office ergonomics buying guide to figure out how to improve your work from the home setup.


How high should a desk be?

The industry standard desk height is modeled around the average height of a person being 6 feet tall. This means that the average desk stands about 29 inches tall. However, adjustable desks and standing desks can and will be taller, so if you’re reasonably under or over the height of 6ft, then these are a good option for you. However, regardless of height requirements, many people find standing desks to be of benefit to their blood flow, muscle stiffness, mood, and productivity.

Not quite what you're looking for? We have a huge range of office tables too, including meeting room tables. Why not check out our wider office furniture range, which includes modular office furniture as well as stylish office lighting options.

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