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Standing desks are well-loved in modern offices, and it’s no surprise why. Breaking up the monotony of a long working day, height adjustable desks offer a range of health benefits. Not only that, they can give you a change from traditional sit down desks to avoid muscle stiffness and poor posture.

Whether you plan to use a standing desk all day long, or just want to break up long sedentary periods, we're sure to have the perfect adjustable desk for you.

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Standing desks and height adjustable desks are a welcome addition to many offices, either at work or in your home office. Not your average work surface, adjustable desks extend upwards to create longer table legs so you can stand to work at your workstation. This makes them an ideal choice for those who get a bit achy or uncomfortable during the working day. Standing desks are also a popular choice with people who prefer a change of position and posture to keep their motivation high and focus sharp. Making use of a standing desk also helps with muscle stiffness and blood flow. 

Our adjustable desks come in a range of different styles, with varying colour choices for both table-tops and legs. So you can customise your standing desk’s finish to your office décor! As we learn more about the benefits of avoiding long sedentary periods, many companies are opting for standing desks to keep their employees healthy.  

For added support at your workstation, why not complement your height adjustable desk with an ergonomic chair? Then you can rest assured that your workplace wellness is taken care of, whether you’re standing or sitting down.

If you’d prefer not to invest in a completely new desk, but still want the option of elevation, we also supply desk risers and laptop stands. These sit on top of your current, standard desk and can rise up too. Many of our desk risers are collapsible, so you can choose the amount you want to raise your laptop for optimal posture. This means they’re also portable, so you can fold them away at the end of the day for easy storage. You can even transport them between home and the office, should you need to.

Are standing desks good for you?

In the short term and the long term, standing desks can improve your health and wellbeing in the workplace both mentally and physically. Research has shown that sitting down for too long is linked with a number of health concerns. Adjustable desks and tabletop workstations combat this by letting you stand up to work, engaging your lower body and keeping your core strong. You don’t have to stand all day of course - breaking the day up into chunks of sitting and standing is the most sustainable approach. 

Find out more about the benefits of standing desks and discover the best option for you.

How do adjustable desks work?

It depends on the desk you choose! We have electric standing desks with motorised frames which, at the touch of a button, will slowly and smoothly rise to your optimal height. Or if you choose one of our desk risers to use on top of your regular desk, you can fold these up to adjust their height or use the levers to elevate and lower it. Both options are simple to use and are easy to assemble.

How long should you stand at your desk?

A good rule of thumb to follow is for every 1-2 hours you spend sitting down, you should then spend 1-hour standing. This ensures that you’re keeping your body moving sufficiently and subtly, boosting your mental wellbeing and increasing your blood flow. However, you should really stand whenever you feel the need to, especially if you feel your muscles are stiffening or your posture is suffering. 

Take a look at our home office ergonomics buying guide to find out what could help support you at work. Start customising your work from home or office setup today to help improve your health and wellness.

Not quite the desk you're after? Discover our wide range of desks from corner desks to home office desks to get your tasks done in style. We also have a selection of modular office furniture, office tables, meeting room tables and office ergonomics available. This includes children's desks perfect too, for drawing, crafting or homework.

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