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Keep cool all year round with an air conditioning unit. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for warmer weather. Unbearable hot days and hot humid nights can be a thing of the past with our collection of air conditioning units. Choose from a range of different styles and sizes, perfect for any set up. We’ve got standing fans, desk fans, tower fans, air purifiers and USB fans. Whether you’re looking to stay cool in the office or your home, we’ve got you covered at Ryman®.

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There’s no better way to cool down on hot summer days than with an air conditioning unit. When choosing which air con unit is best for you, make sure you choose the right size, power, and functions. Some air-conditioning units have different modes, such as timers, sleep modes, and automatic sensors. If you're looking for an air con for the office, consider a unit with an automatic sensor. Whereas an air-con unit with sleep mode or a timer would be better for your bedroom.

Choose a portable air conditioner or fan that can sit on your desk or on the floor to keep you cool all year around. They are versatile and compact, meaning that you can move them easily between rooms and floors. Alternatively, choose an air purifier if you’re wanting to improve the air quality in your room, for an allergy free sleep. Whichever air conditioning unit you're looking for, you can rely on Ryman®. Our range has everything, including air con units from Black and Decker, JML and Fellowes.

Not quite what you're looking for? Browse our wider range of office accessories including notice boards, floor and desk mats, display units, partitions and screens, plants and more. Perfect for decorating your office! Still searching for something different? Check out our wider air conditioning unit range, we’ve got standing fans, desk fans, tower fans and air purifiers. Pair your air conditioning unit with an extension lead to ensure it reaches the right areas.

Looking for some additional inspiration? Head over to our blog, we have some great tips and guides, such as our best home office layout ideas

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