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Premier Housewares Bedroom

Find the perfect bedroom furniture and storage for your room. Our range includes grey storage trunk with matching bedside cabinet and wardrobe, and more.

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  1. Premier Housewares Academy Two Door Wardrobe
    Premier Housewares Academy Two Door Wardrobe
    Was £385.99
    £365.99 £304.99
    Save £20.00
  2. Premier Housewares Academy One Door Locker
    Premier Housewares Academy One Door Locker
    Was £101.99
    From £99.99 £83.32
    Save £2.00
  3. Premier Housewares Academy One Door Tall Metal Locker
    Premier Housewares Academy One Door Tall Metal Locker
    Was £178.99
    £173.99 £144.99
    Save £5.00
  4. Premier Housewares Acero Side Table
    Premier Housewares Acero Side Table
    Was £71.99
    £67.99 £56.66
    Save £4.00
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Bedroom furniture and storage solutions are essential pieces for your room. Your bedroom is your sanctuary. In a busy family home, your room is where you and your partner can have some alone time, relax, and sleep before another busy morning. In a flat share or house share, your room is your own private space, completely your own to customise and unwind in. This is why it's so important to find bedroom furniture that fits with your needs, tastes, budget, and space, and this is where Ryman comes in.


Bedroom furniture is so much more than just a great bed (although we do provide those, of course), but it’s your wardrobes, your chest of drawers, your dressing tables… The list is endless! Whether you want matching pieces and bedroom furniture sets or you want to get individual pieces of furniture to make a statement, you can find everything you’re looking for at Ryman. Underbed storage is a gamechanger, and space will easily be accommodated. As for colours, white bedroom furniture or grey bedroom furniture are easy choices, but opt for black or wood effect and choose between glossy or matte to truly customise every last part of your room.


Does bedroom furniture have to match?

Not at all! It completely depends on your taste. For a cohesive room, you may choose matching bedroom furniture and then jazz up the colours with different bedding, a rug, cushions, and wall art, or keep it minimal and traditional looking. Alternatively, you could opt for some pieces to be kept the same, but choose a statement dressing table or headboard to set the room off. The only right answer to this question is no, bedroom furniture doesn’t have to match, but it can if that’s how you like it. Explore your options and inspirations online and build your bedroom exactly how you like it.


How to arrange bedroom furniture

Placing your bed opposite your door and in the centre of the wall makes it the focal point of the room and the perfect place to display your cushions on. However, if space or window placement makes this difficult, you could generally move your bed anywhere. What we would recommend, though, is not placing the headboard or top of the bed facing away from the door. This throws off the balance of the room and puts your back to the entryway, which a lot of people feel very uncomfortable with. Try not to block natural light either by placing the bed against a window, instead opting for side-on. The dressing table, chest of drawers, and/or wardrobe then have to be factored in. Again, keep them from covering windows, and maybe position them at the bottom corners of your bed to keep the walkways clear, especially if your space is limited. The rest of your bedroom furniture, after these bulkier items, should be easy to factor in!

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