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Hewlett Packard Printer Toner, Drums & Ribbons

Printer toner keeps your laser printer producing documents en masse time and time again. Cost-effective and long-lasting, our laser printer toner range stretches across reputable brands such as Epson, Xerox, Brother, HP, and more. Available in black and the classic CMYK colours, we’ll keep your documents coming out fast and fresh. Shop our range today and recycle used cartridges instore with Ryman UK!

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Printer toner is used by your laser printer to turn the data and documents on your screen into printed hard copies in bulk. This is the reason they’re favoured by businesses, offices, schools, and places with large print demands; because printer toner is incredibly cost-effective. With high page yield (or a greater amount of printed pages you can get out of one cartridge) you can successfully print plenty of materials without having to replace the cartridges as frequently as you’d have to with expensive ink for inkjet printers.

Printer toner is usually associated with blank and white documents because this is a very cost-effective way to print documents, as no colour means they can be printed quicker and cheaper. This is what you’d have a mono laser printer for, and you’d use black printer toner in it. However, you can get colour toner suitable for your colour laser printer too and at a reasonably cheaper price than regular ink printers.

If you’re buying for your business or school, shop printer toner at Ryman Business for exclusive offers and business-to-business support.


What is laser printer toner?
Laser printer toner is a form of carbon powder that, when heated and charged by the printer, fuses to the paper’s surface. This bonding to the paper ensures that the pigment is long-lasting and fixed, so it doesn’t fade or smudge after drying. It also doesn’t damage the paper or make it soggy, as ink sometimes can, making it a great option for bulk document printing.


Does an inkjet printer use toner?
No, an inkjet printer uses printer ink, which can produce better quality colour pay-off for images and visual materials, but is more expensive to use in bulk. Laser printers exclusively use black or coloured printer toner, so they are still able to produce image-based materials as well as written documents effectively.


How long does toner last in a printer?
Toner cartridges tend to last up to and beyond 2 years because they can be hardier than printer ink as they don’t dry out. Conservatively, most toner expiration dates allow for 2 years, but they can last longer if they’ve been stored properly before use. Be careful though, as they can turn faulty and actually damage your printer.


How to dispose of printer toner
When you’re done with your toner cartridge, you can recycle the empty cartridge at your local recycling centre. However, you can also return it to us instore and we’ll recycle or repurpose it for you! Find your nearest Ryman store to recycle old and used toner cartridges.

We stock printer toner from a huge range of brands, including Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Oki, Samsung, Xerox, and more.

Not quite what you're looking for? Check out our wider printing range including printers, paper, and ink cartridges. For those that like to keep it old school, we also stock fax machine supplies and typewriter ribbons.

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