Printers Jargon Buster


This refers to the colours that the printer is able to produce – a mono printer only uses black ink.


A type of printer that created documents with text or images by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto paper.


This stands for ‘Pages Per Minute’, and is the primary unit of measuring a printer’s speed. It measures the amount of standard A4 pages can be printed in one minute.


Similar to PPM, this stands for ‘Images Per Minute’ and is the second established unit of measuring a printer’s speed. It also refers to the amount of standard A4 pages can be printed in one minute, but it also takes into consideration a fixed resolution. This is the unit to use when comparing the printing speeds of different printers.


This refers to ‘Dots Per Inch’ and measures the resolution of a printed image. It literally refers to the amount of dots that can be fitted into one square inch. The higher the number, the better the resolution.


Universal Serial Bus.

Bypass tray:

An alternative tray for loading paper or special media into the printer. You can use this tray to print onto mediums such as transparencies, envelopes and labels.

Cloud Print:

This refers to a feature created by Google which allows you to wirelessly send documents to any printer, from your Cloud Print enabled device. This can be your desktop, smartphone or any device connected to the cloud, as long as it has the Cloud Print service enabled.


The term that refers to the colours that are used within colour toner. These are the ‘base colours’ and include cyan, magenta, yellow and key/black. High Yield: A rating or capacity of printer cartridges that refers to the actual amount of ink/toner within the cartridge. These cartridges will last longer than standard options, which is usually reflected in a higher price. The size of the cartridge body will still be the same as standard options.


An innovative type of technology meaning ‘Near Field Communications’. This allows devices to communicate with each other wirelessly, by being in close proximity or by touching each other. So you could send data from your NFC-enabled mobile phone straight to your NFC-enabled printer.


A type of wireless printing that allows you to print from your enabled Apple products, including an iPhone or iPad.


Refers to a ‘Multi-Purpose Tray’, which allows you to print on alternative mediums, including larger, non-standard paper sizes.