4 ways to keep the family entertained this Christmas!

November 13, 2017 / Do

Fun with the Family

We are all familiar with the reoccurring scene in the living room where families are all sat glued to their phones.

The TV is on, but no one is really watching and instead they are scrolling through their various feeds keeping up to date with all their social accounts.

Well here are some great ideas to help inject some instant fun, encourage more time together and get all the family involved!

1. Huddle round a Board Game

Board games and card games are fantastic ways to engage the whole family and have a great time doing so. There will be lots of laughter and giggles that’s for sure. You can even get some great new versions of the old classics to keep things fresh, like Harry Potter themed Monopoly, or Game of Thrones Cluedo. Shop our range of board games and card games.

2. Sing it Loud

Why not get everyone up singing their favourite songs, not to worry you don’t have to be a DJ and turn your living room into a disco, but you could turn it into a Karaoke bonanza!

There are so many fun games and gadgets that are all geared to finding the fun in song, from the quirky Karaoke mic with built in speaker to fun games such as Sing It where people have to sing on selfie mode with their phone from the random lists of songs, whatever is chosen it is your destiny to sing it! Shop all Musical fun here!

3. Race and Rally

Does your family enjoy a good race? Well how about racing with remote control cars or even drones! Turn the living room into a temporary obstacle course and watch the fun unfold, especially if the cat gets involved.

4. Get Creative

Want to try something really different? Why not all try your hand at some painting or sketching and colouring as a group, pick a theme and see how creative everyone can be. Other ways to be creative and getting something off your to-do list at the same time could be to get everyone involved in making the Christmas thank you cards with a bit of arts and crafts. Check out our range of artistic and creative products here

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