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Outdoor Games with Ryman

The good weather is finally starting to make an appearance, so it’s time to make the most of your outdoor space with your kids. Below we have some great garden activities that won’t break the bank but will keep children of all ages entertained and silence the too frequent weekend and holiday ‘I’m bored’ chant.

House of Cards

These massive playing cards are simply a giant replica of a full deck of cards. Get the kids performing super-sized card tricks or even trying to stack the full deck into a tower. Hours of fun can be had with these novelty playing cards, perfect for everyday garden fun or especially useful for keeping kids entertained when camping.

Plant Pot Painting

Grab a clay pot and paint it! A great outdoor activity for (supervised) kids, this not only provides a fun way to while away the hours but the bonus of a finished product for your garden.

Why not encourage their green fingers by planting up herbs and colourful potting plants when the pots have dried?

And don’t forget your paints and brushes! We love our brand new range of colour PVAs for this, available in vibrant colours, once painted they will have a shiny design, seal with clear PVA mixed with water. Why not try our Glow in the Dark PVA paint for an exciting night-time garden glow?

Slam Dunk like a Pro

Invest in a basketball ring for outdoor entertainment that older kids will love. Perfect if they have no siblings or play pals as they can shoot some hoops on their own. We are all encouraged to get the kids up and moving and this is a great way of enticing them off their games console and out into the fresh air.

Just Get Messy

Let’s face it, no one relishes the thought of getting messy inside, so why not take advantage of the dry weather and go wild in the garden. Drag out the activity mats and easels and throw yourself into whatever messy play you can dream up! Depending on the age of your children we have a couple of fun messy play ideas.

Younger children thrive on learning and exploring through play so why not fill a number of large plastic kitchen bowls with different textures. A bowl of cold custard to run through little fingers, wobbly jelly to prod and poke and some cooked spaghetti as wiggly worms could keep little ones amused for ages. No need to worry about spoiling floors and furniture, sensory play at its best.

Another great idea for outdoor messy fun is painting. Dig out a roll of old wallpaper or wrapping paper or even an old box and encourage the kids to draw and paint to their hearts content. Childrens easels are a fantastic idea if you haven’t already got one. Most of them have storage like spill-proof paint pots, so you can always bring the fun into the kitchen if it did start to rain.

Why not try hand and foot printing, rock painting or leaf rubbing with wax crayons as back up ideas if they start to get fed up?

Water Fight with a Gooey Twist

Forget your super soaker and leave the aqua-zooker in the shed, this year it’s all about the Slime Blaster! Just add water to the slime powder provided and get ready to blast green gooey slime over friends and siblings. Definitely not something to encourage in your lounge but insanely good fun in the garden.

Traditional Garden Games

Old fashioned English garden games are making a big come back. A great icebreaker at a kids party, BBQ or simply good fun at the weekend, let the games commence! Beanbag Toss will definitely encourage a little friendly competition between players. Simply take turns hurling a beanbag up the garden onto a board to gain points. These games are all ready to enjoy without having to learn too many rules, perfect for every generation of your family. Introduce the kids to all the classics such as Pick Up Sticks, Ring Toss and Tin Can Tumble.

Chalk it down to Summer

Grab some chunky coloured chalk and head over to your patio for a spot of wholesome fun. Hopscotch is still a playground game children enjoy, but it’s believed an ancient form was played as far back as the Roman times. Just as much fun as it was when the Caesars was played it, children love drawing the grid almost as much as hopping up and down it. Let them map out the hopscotch court in chalk and once all of the bouncing and skipping is done the rain will wash it all away.

Garden Football Challenge

Bend it like Beckham and get the kids interested in footy and other sports with some great goals and nets. For practicing in the garden try the 3 in 1 Target shot from Charles Bentley especially challenging, featuring a tear resistant target cover to hone shooting skills.

Get the Sprinkler On

Perfect for a warm, sunny day, simply put the sprinkler on the lawn and let the children go mad. Nearly every child loves playing with water, especially in good weather, no need to go out and buy an expensive paddling pool when you can just retrieve the sprinkler from the shed. It’s unbelievable how long this keeps kids amused, running and jumping over the water, splashing and squealing with delight as they get sprayed!


Badminton is a safe outdoor game for the garden, put up your net, grab your shuttlecocks and get playing. This game can be played practically anywhere, on the beach or in your local park if you are short on outdoor space. A match consists of the best of 3 games, perfect for getting the kids up, out and moving!

Table Tennis

If you have a tennis table pull it out into the garden on a sunny day for hours of to and fro entertainment. Seriously good fun, table tennis or ping pong as it’s know is simple to play and refines hand and eye coordination in children. Don’t forget to put your table back into the garage after use, as most aren’t designed for permanent outdoor use, but do fold upright for easy storage.

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