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November 20, 2016 / Do

Christmas is about crafting and homemade decorations, and this year will be no different.

At Ryman, we find that amid all the flurry and excitement of Christmas - with buying gifts and getting everything ready in time for the holidays, it’s also nice to sit down and have a little old-fashioned ‘me-time.’ Either that, or time with the kids!

We say, what better way to enjoy this time than by getting into the spirit of Christmas by making your own Christmas decorations?

Fortunately for us craft enthusiasts at Ryman Stationery, there’s a whole shop’s worth (well, over 200 shops’ worth) of arts and crafts essentials at our fingertips that are ideal for Christmas activities. So, for the Christmas season of 2016 we’ve decided to do it ourselves and have a DIY Christmas!

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We’ve also decided to share our DIY Christmas craft ideas with you. Using some simple techniques and a job lot of arts and crafts products from Ryman, we’ve managed to pull together a rather impressive (if we may say so ourselves) array of festive fancies. We’re talking baubles, bunting, candles, Christmas cards, angels and more.

Essentially, we’re talking about all the little extra touches that not only make your home look lovely, cosy and homemade, but that also give you the chance to get creative with your children.

Every year at Christmas we love to think up some new ideas for Christmas crafts for kids. As far as we’re concerned it doesn’t get much more wholesome than making Christmas decorations and in the 21st Century, it can be a really positive thing to remind ourselves, and our children, what Christmas is really all about… Stationery!

Well, perhaps not just stationery, but there’s a lot to be said for sitting down with your loved ones and getting stuck into some serious Christmas activity, and over the next eight weeks, that’s just what we’ll be doing. We’ll be releasing weekly ‘how to’ blogs that will provide you with easy-to-follow step-by-step guides for making Christmas decorations. Keep an eye on Ryman Pulse and our social pages Facebook and Twitter to find these or sign up to your email newsletters to be updated each time a new DIY Christmas blog is added.

If you can’t quite wait for the blogs, you can take a look at our arts and crafts pages to get started now or check out our Christmas Shop for inspiration.

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