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May 26, 2016 / Do

Introducing a revolutionary and exciting new 3D colouring app from Stabilo.

Have you ever found yourself hopelessly entertaining bored youngsters during the never ending holidays? Isn’t it incredible how slowly a week can pass when trying to keep children busy at home? Especially as your little angels can quickly morph from happy sun beams into the ultimate whining patience tester!

The clever people at Stabilo may just have solved your weekend or holiday misery. They have designed a very smart little app that brings your coloured picture to life – and the best bit is its totally FREE!

Watching your colouring come alive with the revolutionary Stabilo 3D Colours app is something past generations couldn’t have imagined! This free app is suitable for Android and IOS devices and is perfect for little people over the age of 4 years.

This nifty concept combines the timeless joy of good old fashioned colouring in with augmented reality for the digital era. Who doesn’t want to see their well coloured-in cat picture moving like the real thing!

Super easy to work, simply install the app for free, download Stabilos special colouring sheets (8 fun designs to choose from) and print them.

Grab all of your colouring pencils and pens and leave the kids to colour in the sheets with loads of encouragement to stay in the lines!

Open the app on your tablet or device and hold the camera over the sheet…watch their faces as their coloured picture magically comes alive right before their eyes!

We firmly believe there is hours of creative fun to be had with this one, so let them go wild!

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