Halloween Bunting

Oct 09, 2018 / Do

Get ready for some spooky decorations that everyone can enjoy.

All you will need for this bunting is some coloured card and some string… you can make whatever shapes you like – this one includes ghosts, pumpkins and bats, but if you are feeling extra creative add some cats, or maybe even a witch on a broomstick!

How to make Halloween Bunting

Suitable for: Beginners

Time to make: 1 hour

You will need

Selection of coloured card - We used black, orange and white from our own range.

Black marker pen - Check out our range of pens.

A hole punch - Check out our range of desk accessories.

Scissors - Check out our range of Cutting, Adhesives and Glue.

A length of string - Suitable for the length of your bunting.

How to Make

1. Start by sketching your design freehand onto the card

TOP TIP – If you are not sure about sketching your design freehand. Why not find something online and print it out to use as a template to draw around?

2. Cut out your shapes and using your hole punch, punch two eyes in the top of each shape. Not only will these form the eyes, but they will also allow the string to pass through in order to assemble the bunting

3. Take your string and pass it through each of the eyelet holes, tying in a loop at both ends to let you hang the bunting over any hooks you are planning to use. You could either use drawing pins, sticky tape or Command hanging strips

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