Keep the Kids Busy With Half Term Activities at Ryman

February 09, 2017 / Do

If you are looking for some non-expensive, fun ways to keep your kids entertained in the holidays then we have some great craft and activity ideas for you (and most of them are cheap and mess-free!)

Check out our top indoor activities to keep your little ones happy this half term and even give you time for a peaceful cup of coffee… well, you can dream!

#1 Decopatch – paper and glue never looked so pretty!

A modern (and gorgeous) twist on good old-fashioned Paper Mache, Decopatch is all the rage at the moment. Choose a model to decorate with animals, letters, frames or boxes and use the coloured paper and glue to create a unique finish.

Kids will love ripping and stick vibrant paper to the cardboard animals and the finished article makes a cute ornament for bedrooms or the perfect gift for family and friends.

#1 Face Painting – let their imaginations go wild (no fancy-dress needed!)

Face painting is fun whatever the time of year – it doesn’t need to be saved for parties or Halloween. Pick out a design from Snazaroo beginners’ guides and recreate as best you can, you could even let them have a go on you if you are brave enough!

It’s a great way to drag teens out of their caves as well, older children will love getting involved and painting younger siblings faces and the fun doesn’t end there. Encourage Fairy Princesses and Knights to build a castle using the dining room table and old sheets – this promises hours of good old-fashioned fun.

#1 Colouring In – don’t forget to connect the dots…

Colouring in has been a much-loved past-time of children for generations but it’s not just pre-schoolers that love to colour. Colouring has recently enjoyed a revival in the form of Adult colouring – encouraging everyone from 9 to 99 to de-stress and enjoy the wholesome challenge of staying in the lines!

You’ll be grinning like the Cheshire Cat when you discover the Alice in Wonderland Colouring Book , packed with all of the crazy characters from Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece. If you fancy something a little more wild maybe you should try The Jungle Book , filled with intricately fabulous designs for you to fill with colour including Shere Khan, Mowgli and Kaa the Snake.

And if adding another dimension to the fun is your game why not try dot to dot books. Loads of fun but also encouraging the kids to develop important skills such as numeracy and an eye for detail, just join the dots and then colour the picture in!

From easy dot to dot pictures to extreme dot to dots books with up to 30,000 dots you can challenge children of any age! Check out our FREE Dot to Dot downloads for some instant quiet time, choose from the 48 Dot Butterfly or for those who love a challenge the 243 Dot Cat ! Simply print, complete and colour in.

If you haven’t already it’s a good idea to stock up on Colouring Supplies before the holiday as well, you’ll be surprised how long a new pack of felt tips can keep them occupied.

#1 PlayMais – A Box full of Creativity…

Perfect for children who love to touch and feel, PlayMais is a totally natural and versatile craft material for kids of any age. With just a drop of water, it can be easily shaped and stuck to other PlayMais to create models.

Natural, easy and fun PlayMais encourages children to think creatively and as it’s made solely from maize, water and food colouring it's totally safe as well.

The kids will love sticking them together and create whatever they can dream up, check out PlayMais’s website for step by step instructions on how to create Tigers, Butterflies and much more…

And if all of the above doesn't ensure you a stress free half term check out the Stabilo 3D Colouring App , a funky blend of colouring and tech that kids can entertain themselves with on their tablet.

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