National Stationery Week

March, 27 2014 / Do

It’s here! National Stationery Week has landed, and we’re a little more than excited!

We started the celebrations early a few week ago, bringing you a new activity each week aimed at showing you just how much fun can be had by using stationery and getting creative.

For the rest of the week, we’ll be going over all of the activity that we carried out in the run-up to National Stationery Week, including your shared efforts that we saw on Twitter and Facebook.

Since National Stationery Week is all about stretching your imagination while having fun with writing, we’ve thought of a way to get us all writing together. On Twitter, we’re inviting you to help us write a new story every day.

Each morning, we’ll give you a new opening line, borrowed from a well-known story – the rest of the story will be completely up to you! Line by line, we’ll invite you to add in your twists, turns and developments using the hashtag #StoryRelay. We’ll pick our favourite lines, retweet them and then compile our collective tale using Storify.

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